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“I’m telling you the truth ,common! ” I said sternly as I stood and his face dropped In surprise.


“Oh!” He exclaimed.


“I once doubted you and left you , you told me point blank that I should learn to trust you ,so why can’t you trust me here?” I said again ,this time more stern.


He took a step back and stood akimbo


“You mean….” He clapped. “This is a glaring result from the doctor. I’m asking you now and you yelling on me. ”


“I’m not yelling on you , let’s do the text elsewhere to confirm. Anyone can make a mistake even machines ” I said and looked away like someone that is angry.


“Fine.” He said and walked away. He came back few seconds later with his car key.


“Let’s move.” He said and I followed him.


He drove to a different hospital , it’s one of the biggest and trusted hospital in town.


We opt for the D.N.A text and in about five hours later , the D.N.A text was done.




The both of us were seated at the visitor’s sit waiting for the result.


A young doctor came into sight and approached us. He stood up anxiously and the doctor handed over the result to him.


He exhaled before opening it.


I was nervous too and hope that the result will be positive.


He came to look at me after reading whatever is inside. He stretched the result to me and I collected it sullenly while looking into his face.


If the result turns out to be negative now ,I guess I will just give up cause I do not know how else to convince him.


I read through the result and it was a confirmation that he is the real father of my baby.



Smile formed in my face and I looked up to him. He was not expressing any emotions instead he was just looking at me.


He carried the baby from my hand after a while and kissed the baby on its forehead.


“Let’s go home?” He said but I sat down instead.




“Going where?” I asked and he came to look at me in surprise. “Kiss me first.”


He smiled and planted a soft kiss on my lips after which I stood and went home with him.

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