Fri. May 10th, 2024

I was standing at the hallway of the hospital ,walking to and fro ,feeling really disturbed.


My wife is laboring and I can only hope she delivers our baby. The nine months of carrying the baby in her belly is filled of diverse pains.


About thirty minutes later , the senior doctor there approached me.


“My wife ! How is she?”


“Fine ,she has olput to bed. ” I was so happy on hearing that and before I could walk away to check up on her ,he called me back.


“You didn’t thank me ,though. ” he said and I maintained a sorry look. ” I will advise you perform a D.N.A text for the baby”


“D.N.A ! Why?” I asked.


“It’s just medical to confirm if the child is yours ”


“Are you joking? You mean my wife probably cheated on me ? ”




“Nobody is saying that , you should be more medically educated than this , what does it cost you to confirm that the baby is yours ? You are rich meaning you can easily afford the money to perform the D.N.A text ,you have nothing to loose.”


“Well doctor ,thanks for your advise but I didn’t need to perform a D.N.A text ,I trust my wife” I said. “Thanks for helping my wife put to birth ”



Three days later.


I walked in while Loveth was br**stfeeding our child. I narrated what the doctor told me to do few days ago to her and how I rejected.


“Common! That is just a medical precautions that doctors advise every family to go through. I think it’s really good. And you can’t really blame this doctor ,he must have had many experiences in the past with couples. ” Loveth said.


“I trust you anyways!” i said and she smiled.


“I trust you too but I think we should just perform a D.N.A text for the child just to prove to the doctor that not every women are cheaters. “Loveth said.



“I do not think that is necessary , I trust you and that settles it. ” I said.


“Well, I want it though , I want to see the expression on the doctor’s face after finding out that the baby is ours. ” She said and I smirked.




“Funny! Anyways ,when should we go?”


“Maybe on Sunday!” She answered and I nodded in agreement.

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