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Even If I was drugged and got raped in my unconscious state. When I wake I’m suppose to know that something has gone wrong with me.


I’m so sure that I never made love with any man apart from the beast.


This D.N.A text spoilt everything. I should have let the text of a thing slide.


If we had not done the D.N.A text ,stuffs like this wouldn’t have happened.


Now,I regret persuading him to perform the text.


I looked to the face of my baby. I did not want him to grow without a father. I can’t imagine my child asking me of his father’s whereabout in the future.


I sighed sadly and closed my eye in sadness.


How I wish the beast can just agree with me to perform the D.N.A texts again preferable in a different hospital.




Two Days Later.




I was br**stfeeding my baby when the Beast’s call came through. I was surprised and shocked at the same time.


My heart beats in fear ,not knowing exactly what he may wants to say.


I picked the call and placed the phone on my ear slowly.


“Loveth!” His words came softly.


“Sorry for how I had reacted to you. It was so saddening but I find out I can’t do without you still. Come home , let’s ….talk.” he said and I brought my hand slowly down with tears pouring from my face.


This is Love. Even after what he thought I did. He still want me back.



I arrived at his house few hours later and walked straight inside his room.



“Welcome.” He said still sitting. He didn’t stand to hug me or gave me that welcoming attitude that a couple would.


I do understand the state he is presently.


I stood and waited for him to gesture for me to sit before I sat.


“Loveth! Why did you…betray me?” I could barely hear the last two words cause they were silent.


He was gathering energy to communicate with me from his hurtful State.


“Joshua…I didn’t.”


“Is the D.N.A text lying?”


“I want us to perform the text again in a different hospital.”


“Are you saying the hospital my family and I had being using for over twenty years are not proficient enough?”


“Not like that…”


“You think the result was a lie? Why would they lie that the baby is not mine….like what do they stand to gain from it? ” He said and I just hope he gets convinced and do what I wished.


“Whom did you made love with apart from me ?” He asked.




“No one. You are my only man. I had never slept with any other man in this world other than you,please believe me.” I said softly.


“Your lie is making me angry” He said sternly. ” Just tell me the truth ” He yelled angrily as he stood like he wants to pound in me.

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