Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

^The Beast^




Two days later , I could hardly eat ,I miss Loveth. The woman I had loved with all my heart. My heartbeat , the only person I could fight the moon and the sun to get to.


I miss her breath ,her smile and her presence by my side.


I assumed that it might be a mistake by the doctor and decided to visit the doctor again just ask if mistakes like that had being made in the past.


On getting to the hospital ,I was made to see the doctor after few minutes and I asked if there is a possibility of the result being a mistake.


“Mistake is inevitable Mr. Joshua. However ,for professionals like me ,my mistake I make will no longer be termed as mistake but as negligence and will make me loose my job at the moment. This is the reason why I carefully carryout every text with patience and even perform it twice a times. ” He said and I exhaled.


“I do not believe my wife could ever do that to me . That would be the last thing I would ever think of.” I said.


“I can’t interfere into your marital affairs Mr. Tucker , it’s not in my jurisdiction. I wish you well “The doctor said and I sighed.


I looked away and stood. “True ,he has no business with my marriage.”


I walked away from him with an heavy foot. My heart was so heavy and sad.


I feel like die-ing cause I really love Loveth so much. I feel like finding her and bringing her home but that will never happen.




She actually allowed another man insert his manhood into hers. What sort of….


I can’t even imagine. Jeez! This is making me so sad.


My phone rang just when I get to where I parked my car.


On checking the caller ,I found out it was a strange number. I’m usually pessimistic about strange numbers but I think it should be okay to just pick this.


“Who is it?” I asked angrily on picking it.


“Joshua ,I never cheat on you. Please let’s do the text again or visit another hospital just to confirm. That will be the last thing I will ever do to you ….please ,believe me. ” She pleaded and her words were just dropping on my heart like ice dropping on fire


I wanted to insult her and hang up but I couldn’t



I wanted to just hang up without saying a word but I couldn’t.


I went silent on the phone and finally opened my mouth and said ; “Loveth”


The word was soft and was from a sad and heavy heart.


Cracking could be heard in the voice.


“My husband.” He called and tears began to pour from my face.




Sadness was eating me deep and I’m getting weak. Why would she do this to me ?


Have a baby for another man….I became too weak on the inside of me that it affected my hands ,the phone fell off my hans as I groaned in sadness.

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