Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

^Loveth’s POV^




Men are really incredible. So he has being a married man all this while yet he want me to be with him.


How in the world does men think? He really want to keep me as a side chick or as a second wife.


Right now ,I’m even more interested in seeing more about him. John opened the door and welcomed me with a smile but I wasn’t smiling.


He gestured for me to sit and I sat.


“What can I offer you ,my queen?” He asked and I grinned.


“Your queen? Excuse me you are not my king” I said and he chuckled.


“I was only joking ,but you know you can’t come to my room and not take something first even before any discussion” He said and I looked away.


“You know what I came for right? I’m not really here to eat nor drink ,just show me what you want to show me.” I said.


“Hum! Seems you are more interested in knowing how silly James had being so far.


I was really stunned when I found out that he had feelings for you. I told him that he is married and that it won’t work but he said there is no way you would know.” John said.




“You men are so disgusting. ” I said feeling irritated at men in general.


“Not all men are disgusting, Loveth, I do not know what the beast might have done for you or what experience you had had with men in the past ,but I want you to know that I’m the perfect man for you.” He said and I rested my chin on my palm.


He went to his wardrobe and brought out two more envelopes. He handed over those envelopes to me and I received it anxiously.


I was about to open it when he suddenly stopped me. ” It saddens me that you won’t taste anything here before checking those things. Please “He said and I exhaled.


“Fine , Just bring it ,I’m taking small though.”


“It’s alright. At least I’ll be glad you took something in my room before leaving ” He said.


He went and poured the drink to the cup. He came back and served me. I was about to gulp it in when a knock landed on the door.



We both looked to the door wondering who could be at the door.


He went to the door and opened it and exhaled on seeing who is at the door.


“Can I see Loveth?” I heard the person standing at the entrance ask.


“Why?” John asked James.


I stood and came to where they stood. “James ,what did you want again?”


“I came to tell you that John is married actually.” He said and I furrowed my brow and looked to John’s face.


“He has a wife and children at home just like me.” James added.


“John, is this true?”


“I told you already that I’m upright ,I don’t lie.” John said. “Tell him to present the prove?”


“Okay James , show us your prove ?”


“I do not have a prove but if you will follow me back to Australia,I will take you to where his family lives .” James said and John laughed.


“So this is your gimmicks of trying to lure her into following you to Australia. So you can entrap her there and she will have no choice but to give in to you. Common! James. I will never allow that to happen ” John said and I believed him.




“James ,please leave. John,close the door. ” I said and John closed the door on James.


I went to my sit and took the drink ready to gulp it in.

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