Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

^The Beast^




I got home angrily and barged my hands on the walls.


I loathe ladies so much ,my first girlfriend betrayed me and now the woman that I had married betrayed me again.


Why are ladies this horrible ? This Loveth of a woman spends majority of her time with me. How in the world did she even have time to meet with another man to the extent of making love and having an offspring for another woman.


Oh my days! Thanks to this life saving doctor.


So if I had not text to confirm if the baby is mine ,I could have being caring and nurturing another person’s child.


My days! What in the world did Loveth want that I did not provide for her? Time! Money ,care ! Attention. Name it! I tried all my best to be the perfect husband that she deserves.


Is this how she will pay me?


This is not fair. I had just turned from the cold hearted beast to the soft hearted beast only for Loveth to try to change me back to whom I had repented from.


Other ladies that I will meet in the future will be a victim of my cruelty now.


I loathe the fact that I still love the girl. I feel like shooting her but I can’t.




I should have slapped her when she was even laughing on the result that texted the fact that the child is for another man but I couldn’t.


I went inside the rooms angrily and began to gather all her luggage. I was throwing everything outside the house when she came into light all of a sudden.


“Joshua!”She called my name as she walked close to me


” Don’t call me. ” I shouted angrily at her from afar.


“You cheater ,those are your luggage ,pack it and get out of my house this moment!” I commanded angrily.


“I do not do something of such!” She pleaded while I just felt like beating her to stupor.


“Woman! I may kill you if you did not leave this place this minute” I said and walked inside.





I closed the door and began to cry.


D@mn it! I love this woman so much ,I almost can not do without her but she betrayed me….This is so painful

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