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I stood outside the beast house with tears streaming down my face. It pains me to the heart that the beast had believed the wrong result.


I’m so sure that I do not make love with anyone outside the beast. He took my flower and I stay with him almost all the time.


I was about to tell him to let’s perform the text again or at most ,visit another hospital.


The machine could make mistake or the mistake could be from the doctor. This is so saddening.


Where do I start from now ,he wouldn’t even allow me in. I know he will feel like I had betrayed him but why would I?


I love him and he loves me. Standing here would not necessary change anything. It’s obvious he’s so angry at the moment and would not even listen to any word.


I began to pack my luggage one after the other and ordered for a cab.


In few minutes ,I had lodged at the nearest hotel.




John’s POV




I had just showered and was drying myself with the towel when my phone began to ring


I walked to where the phone was with the towel on my shoulder. I picked it immediately on realizing that the caller was the doctor.


“Hello Doctor!” I greeted.


“Hi Sir. Phase one done. ”




“Yes,he now believes that the child Loveth just gave birth too isn’t is.”


“Good! Get prepared for the next phase!” I said.



“No qualms sir.” He assured and I hung up happily.


I looked to my phone and kissed the screen happily.


“Yes!” I jumped happily that my plan is working as I had wanted it.


Just three months to this time , I would have being able to prove beyond doubt that the child is mine.


The beast would definitely stop loving Loveth then she will be left with me only. It’s either she yield to me willingly or by force.




All I know is that in four to five months , she’s becoming my wife.



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