Sat. Jul 20th, 2024





It came as the greatest shock of my life when I heard that James had gone back to Australia.


He gave up so soon. Well, that is kind of good for me. Now ,I have the beast to contend him.


I smiled as I lay on the bed. Loveth can never be with the beast ,not when I’m here.


I’ve never loosed and I won’t loose here. If the beast knows what is actually good for him ,let him leave Loveth for me and he should just find other ladies in America.


I really love Loveth so much and I do not even think the beast Loves him as much as I do.


If only I can have a one night stand with Loveth ,I would not even bother myself to separate them now ,I would just wait till my daughter grows in her and claim her.




Three months later


For another good three months ,I was watching Loveth and the beast every single day that passes


I do not want to act foolishly or behave in such a way that will make them suspect that I’m the one behind it.




I intentionally gave with a three months space because they would have thought that I had actually given up.


Now , time to work.


The audio tracker I had inserted inside Loveth hasn’t expired yet and the latest discussion with her husband is that she had being texted positive for pregnancy.


I dressed my best and drove straight to the hospital that she had texted positive.


I request to have a meeting with the doctor and it was granted. I offered him 100,000 dollar to employ the beast to text the D.N.A of the baby after six months that she must have given birth.


I told the doctor to tell the beast that the child does not belong to him.


I will come back after another three months to claim the child. He will be the same person to text the D.N.A of the child. He should present a false result saying that I’m the father of the child.



He signed the file that I had brought with me as a seal of our agreement. I paid him at that instant.




We shook and I left happily.


Loveth; you are for me.

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