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“I guess it’s the beast that is calling?” James asked.


“Yes , don’t mind him” I said and dropped the phone to the bed angrily.


He smiled and brought his face to kiss me again when we suddenly heard a knock on the door.


He stopped and lowered his head. “Why has someone always interrupt our beautiful moment !” James lamented and I smiled.


“Maybe ,my lips are not made for you”


“Common! Let’s attend to whoever is at the door first and watch how we will kiss so well!” he said and he stood.


He went to open the door and he exhale on seeing whoever is at the door.


“No ,you can’t enter.” I heard him say to whoever was standing at the door.


I stood to have a view of who it is and it happened to be John.


“Please leave ” James said politely and John smirked.




His face met with mine. “You really trust him ,right?” He asked and I just watched him.


“John ,can you please respect yourself and leave ” James said almost getting angry.


“I have something to show Loveth.” He said.


“Okay ,I:ve had enough of you brother. Excuse me ” He said and was about closing the door on James when I spoke up.


“What is it?” I asked John .


“Come closer ” He said and I walked close to him.


He gave me an envelope and I collected it and looked to him for what to do with it.



“Open it and check what is inside ” He said and I lowered my head to the envelope.


I did as he has said and was stunned to the gut on what I saw.


They were the pictures of James with a woman kissing. Another picture of James with two children and a woman that is glaring to be his wife standing together.

Another one is the woman and James in a wedding attire. I looked up to John and then to James.


He watched me without saying a word and took his face to John ,he brought his face back to me and said; ” I can explain?”


“Explain what?” I yelled not even wanting to listen to any more word from him


“It isn’t what you think Loveth ,just listen to me ” He said and I threw my hands up in the air.


“Excuse me please , horrible!” I said and walked away.


John’s POV


“You should know I’m smarter than you bro. I’m the master of this game. ” I said to James who was starring at me angrily.


I watched as Loveth entered her room and I went to my room too.


I sent a message to Loveth telling her there is more to even check out on James and she took interest in it.


I beseeched her to come to my room to check and she did.


I already have everything planned before she arrived.


Since we are many that really want her , I will impregnate her so even if she wants to choose anyone that happens not to be me ,she will remember that I’m the father of her child.




She will have no choice but to choose me when she’s carrying my baby.


I heard a knock to my door and I stood happily to open the door.

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