Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

^The Beast^






Loveth sat with our baby at the owner’s sit in the car while I drive. We arrived at the hospital after few minutes and stepped down.


I went straight to the doctor and told him what I had came for.


“I’m glad you changed your mind. I was only telling you to text the baby for the sake of the future. It’s absolutely medical and there is nothing personal about it ” He said.


“Alright doctor. Let’s get started.” I said and the doctor requested for the presence of the baby and I in a laboratory.


He performed some medical gymnastic on us that took about twenty five minutes after which he told us to wait outside for the result.


I carried the baby on my shoulder with Loveth sitting beside me and laying her head on my shoulders.


“Taking care of a child is work , all mothera should be praised. ” She said and I nodded.


We began to exchange other conversations and the door to the laboratory opened. The doctor approached us with a file that obviously contained the result and handed it over to me.


I watched the doctor’s expression ,he was neither happy nor sad. He was absolutely indifferent but I care less ,I trust my wife.




The doctor stood waiting for me to open the file while my wife sat upright and signaled with his head for me to open it.


I opened it and read through , It was said that the child isn’t mine at the button of the file.


I searched for something positive on the file but I couldn’t find it. Every medical details of the child is just different from mine.


It was even said that the genotype of the girl is AS ,whereas ,both Loveth and I are of AA genotype.


“Doctor ,what is happening?” I asked.


“I have no idea , that’s the result. ” The doctor walked away and I turned at Loveth.


“Baby!” I called with a shaky mouth and she collected the file from me and read.



She chuckled and said; “there must be a mistake somewhere ”


“Which mistake? Loveth ,tell me the secrete you have being hiding from me ?”


“Common Joshua, I’m not hiding anything from you ,I even insists we come here for the text ,if I did something secretive ,did you think I will insist we come here?” She said still smiling.


“Are you crazy?” I yelled angrily and stood.


“What nonsense are you even talking about” I placed the child on the chair. ” This d@mn child isn’t mine.”




I was so devastated that I didn’t even know what I was doing at the moment.


I barged away from her before I do something crazy there.

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