Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

James’s POV.




I arrived at my house and slump to the bed. I think it’s high time I realized that Loveth can never be mine.


She is either going to end up with John or the beast , even though I’m handsome and I find it easily to seduce ladies.


I know I’m not as smart as John and the beast.


Well ,I give up.


I booked the next available flight and paid that same moment online.


I get my few dresses and drove straight to the Beast’s house.


He was surprised to see me while I was surprised to see Loveth .


Is she back again to his place? Does that mean the plot of John and I then is now utile?


“Hi brother? ” I greeted the beast .


“I’m surprised to see you?” He said looking intently at me and probably wondering what I had come for.




“I mean no harm brother. ” I said and threw my hands up in the air.


“Okay?” He said.


“Seems you are really uncomfortable seeing me around. But I apologized for having feelings for your wife. I’m no longer interested in her and I’m on my way back to Australia.” I said.


“Wow! ” He exclaimed and I turned, ready to walk away.


“How about John?” The beast asked.


I paused. “I do not know about him.” I said and took few more steps away.


“Wait!” I heard the beast say and I could hear his foot behind me.



He came before me and hugged me tightly.


“I forgave you brother. ” he said and we both hugged.


“Thanks” I said and Loveth came into view as well.


She hugged me slightly while I returned the hug too.


“When next are you coming back to America?” I asked.


“Your kids must have being men by then.” I replied and they both chuckled


I giggled as they both escorted me to where I parked my car.


The beast as a matter of fact escorted me to the airport.




We had a brief conversation before the time to enter the plain clocks. I wave him bye as I step into the plain.


All the way to Australia

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