Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

^The Beast^




I’m glad I have her back and whoever orchestrated that horrible event must have being regretting it by now.


Loveth lay her head on my chest as we both lay on the bed.


“I’m sorry for how I had behaved to you in the past”. She apologized.


“It’s alright. I’m sorry for how I tortured you for the two months you spent here. I’m so sorry ” I apologized and she nodded her head slowly.


“I forgave you since. ” She said.


“Since when have you start to love me ?” I asked her.


“Since the very first day I sight my eye on you. Your handsomeness must drive anyone crazy. You are so pretty. But I loathed myself for actually loving someone so wicked. ” She said.


“How about you?” She asked.


“I start loving you few days before you left this place. Before then ,I loathe you so much. ” I said.


“But why? ” she asked and I explained my past for her.




She felt pathetic for me and rested well on my chest.


“How about John and James ,you guys separated because of me?” She asked.


“On a norms ,they are suppose to spend two months here. Why in the world are they spending more days after the agreed two months they are to spend with me here. Plus ,why should they have feelings for you despite knowing that you were my wife for two months. Does that mean they had being crushing on my own wife even in my house while you were with me ? I think it’s good we separate cause that habit of theirs is bad. ” I said.


“They are still desperate to have me. How do we handle them?” She asked.


“Just tell me before seeing any of them from now henceforth ,even before picking their calls. I really wish they go back to Australia where they come from. There are many ladies there and there are many ladies here too,why the wife of their close friend?” I asked no one in particular.


“And I want to ask ,is it true that James is married ?” She asked.


“I do not think the two of them are married ” I answered her.



“But John me showed me some pictures of James in marriage with a woman and children and James didn’t even deny it. ” She said and I laughed.


One of the things James is really good at is photo shopped. He made a photo shop of it but James is suppose to at least defend himself.

Anyways ,just be careful around them. ”


“Alright.” She said and we both went mute for a while before sleeping off.



John’s POV


D@mn it!

I cursed as I tossed to and fro the room. I had placed a microphone on Loveth’s body that allows me to hear any conversation she has with anyone.


With the conversation she just had with the beast , it’s obvious they are back together and are swiftly getting together.


I will be at lost if I did not take action soon.


What can I do? Giving up is not an option.






An idea popped to my heart and I smiled.


Loveth is mine ,no matter what.

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