Thu. Feb 15th, 2024





It was such a cold might for me and I was feeling so bored inside. Plus I noticed some strange sounds at my door.


I showered and wore just a sleeping gown just to scroll down and visit some areas of the hotel.


On opening the door ,I was stunned to see James and John.


I was scared at first but swallowed gently in a bit to recover.


They both kept starring at me.


I didn’t say any word ,I just took few more steps outside and closed the doors.


I wonder what they doing here,even in my room what did they want with me.


“Loveth!” I heard John called my name and I turned to him.


“I came to see you ” He said and I could see James looking into his face with utmost surprise.


“You came to see her or you came for a meeting?” James asked.




“I was lying bro ,I came because of her ” John answered him and walked close to me.


James watched from afar while John and I stood a distance from him.


“I’m really sorry for how I behaved to you few weeks ago. I was just pissed that you were rude to me but the thing is I can’t really do without you” He said.




“Would you like to follow me to my house ? He asked and I chuckled


“You claimed to love me yet claimed the house you bought for me. In other words ,you bought the house for me cause you thought you had married me right?” I asked.


“Not like that ,I’m really generous ,trust me. Just that no man really likes to be disrespected” He said and I smirked.



“You seem to have very high self esteem ,anyways ,I’m not going to your house and I’ll never go” I said.


“Erm…okay ,how many days are you spending here ?” He asked.


“How is that your problem? Now you will say I’m rude. But can you stop asking me stupid questions ? I came here to have fun ,you collected your house already ,what else do you what from me Please?” I ask and he lowered his head.


“Loveth ,I’m sorry” he pleaded. “Ask for anything ,I’ll give you.”


I laughed sarcastically. “You do not know how to give freely,so when I became rude again you come to get it back. I can’t be a fool twice ” I said and walked out from him.


I was really pissed at that John of a man. I was almost stepping downstairs when I heard my name.




I turned and saw that it was James.


Oop! Can this guy’s ever leave me ?

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