Wed. May 29th, 2024

^Loveth POV^




My phone buzzed again and I angrily banged the glass cup on the table. It scattered into pieces and the drink fell.


With that same anger ,I picked the phone and said; “what did you want?”


“Take it easy Loveth , you have believed what is not right. I can never cheat in you.” The beast said.


“That’s a story my dear. Did you have anything else to say?”


“Well I want to tell you that I will stop disturbing you after this. This will be the last time I will ever call you. ” I wasn’t expecting those words from him.


“If you would like to meet me ,you have the chance tomorrow. After tomorrow , we have never seen” He said and hung up.


I lost my appetite immediately ,my mood changed into sadness. All these while ,men had always being begging and pleading to have me but here is someone ready to loose me.


The fact is the person that I feel so much comfortable with around is the beast. I really can’t say if I love him but I am not ready to forget him just like that.


I must visit his place tomorrow. I never saw him made love with the girl ,though. But he was almost.


Maybe there is more that I didn’t even understand about what transpired between them. Now ,that James had even being confirmed to be married ,what if John is married too and the beast has forgotten about me.




I will loose everything.


Oh no! I must visit the beast tomorrow.


John tried to make fun with me but I was no longer in the mood. He puts me under varying pressure to know what the beast told me but I wasn’t willing to let it out.


I left his room after a while.




Following morning.


I walked to the beast house and I saw him stand at the entrance of the house with his two hands in his pocket.



I walked sullenly to him and he just stood without saying a word.


“You won’t find the happiness you are looking for in any man because you do not know how to trust. When a lady do not know how to trust his partner , she’s gullible and enemies can easily separate her relationship. Be wise. ” he scolded me.


On a norms ,I would be angry but I wasn’t.


I just stood before him like a kid being scolded by his father.




“You are my wife and I will never cheat on you. But you have to stop behaving like a kid and act like a woman that you are. Trust me and let’s make a healthy relationship” He said and I nodded humbly.


He drew me close to himself and hugged me while I lay my head to his chest softly.

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