Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

^The Beast^




…When I head the door creaked open,I hurriedly pushed her away from me and dressed myself.


I stood a few distance from her as I hear Loveth’s footsteps approach the sitting room.


I’m glad we aren’t caught in the act but I’m nervous of how I will explain to Loveth about what this lady is doing here.


Loveth finally came into view and her gaze was set on the lady who was standing almost naked firstly.


She then brought her face to mine. “What is she doing here?”


“I do not know her. She put …” I was almost explaining when the girl interrupted.


“Oh! You want to lie that you did not know me. Well,I’m his girlfriend” She said.


“What!” Loveth yelled.


“And who are you please ?” she asked Loveth.


“Hey! Have you gone mad. You are asking my wife who she is?” I asked angrily.




“Oh! You knew you had a wife yet you keeping affairs with me outside. It’s alright. ” she said and went to wear her cloth.


“I’ll send the tape of your husband and I having s*x to you ” She said to Loveth and walked away.


I looked to the face of Loveth for her expression.


“Why was she naked ?” She asked.


“I do not know this lady,she put a call across to me few minutes ago saying she has a parcel to deliver to me only for her to come and be stripping herself naked before me ”


“Really? That doesn’t sound logical” Loveth said and went to sit.


“A stranger got your number without you knowing how. A stranger knows your house and even strips herself naked without you calling out for help. If I hadn’t come into sight, what could have happened ?” She asked sarcastically and I just stood guilty like I was standing before a judge.



I was praying and hoping that she doesn’t get angry and leave. How in the world will I defend myself from this terrible lady that came to my house.


“Loveth ,you have to trust me” I said. “I do not know her. ”


“Of course, I trust you. I guess you know what will happen if she sent the video tape of you both having s*x?” She smirked and stood.


She walked away while I sunk to the chair sadly.




At least , I’m glad the s*x tape she threatened to send is void. We have never have anything of such before.


I exhaled heavily as sadness cloud me.

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