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(Make lust)






I was inside eating happily the strawberries and chocolate that James had bought for me. I hope this people stays long a bit , at least for the two months that I will be spending here.


The door opened all of a sudden and I raised my head wondering who could have entered without knocking. I wasn’t surprised when I found out that it’s the beast.


He was stunned to see me eating “Where did you get that from?”


“James bought it for me ” I replied


“Stand up when answering me ” He barked and I shook in fear as I hurriedly stood up.


“Don’t be a fool,I’m your husband here. You should learn to respect me by all means. When I’m talking you , you stand up. When you want to speak to me , you stand up” He said.


“Yes, my lord ” I said and he walked towards where the strawberries and chocolates are.


He examined it and said ” I wonder why James would have bought something as good as this for you poor thing ”


I lowered my head still.

He packed the strawberries and chocolate and stood before me.




“Get yourself str!pped before I come back. Someone like you should not be eating this , so I’m throwing it inside the liter bin. I’m coming back to have s*-$ with you” He said and walked out.


I almost cry on seeing that he is going away with my favorite snacks


I began to pull off my clothes till I was totally n@k*-d.


He came back few seconds later and closed the door. He watched me from head to toe with an irritatingly look and went to sit on the bed.


“I wish this two months can be over without me having to touch you but I’m stranded and I need to f*-**, but you irritate me every time I see you.” He said.


“You are ugly , poor and disgusting ,you only have a privilege of spending two months with rich men likes us after which you will return to your life of abject poverty ” He added.


He looked away like someone thinking and finally stood. He came to where I stood and wants to touch me but he was restricting himself as If I was some kind of shit.



“Just lie down ” He said irritatingly and I went to the bed sullenly and lay facing the ceiling.


He pulled off his tr0user and climbed on me. He s3perated my legs and hurriedly stood from me.


“Stinking!” He said and my face dropped.


I…I’m very clean and I don’t stink. Well,it’s his problem. I really do not want him to have anything to do with me in the short period of time I will be staying here


“You can’t even clean yourself up , go and stand there ” He said and I stood from the bed and went to lean by the wall of the room.


He put a call through afterwards and called someone. “Hey! Send me a girl ,I’m stranded. Let her come straight to room 6 in my house ” He said


Huh? Does that mean he wants to have s*$ with another lady right here in my presence. But who cares, though. Just that I can’t stay here without putting on any cloth.


“Can I wear my cloth , please?” I asked but he refused to answer me.


I went to where my cloth is and wore it. I thought that it won’t be good staying here and watching him have s*-$ with another girl so I walked out but he called my name instead.


“Where in the world did you think you are going?”


I turned and for a while, I was trying to compose the perfect answer to convey.


“Sir! I reasoned that you actually called another girl so you can make love with her , so I decided to excuse you” I said.


“No, I also reasoned that you will be poor in bed , so stay and learn how perfectly we will be making love ” He ordered and I obliged and went to where I originally stood before.


After few minutes , we heard a knock by the door and he commanded whoever at the entrance to walk in ,the door opened and a young beautiful lady entered.




She was putting on a very short skirt that reve@ls her th!gh and her clothes were leaving her stomach n@k*d.


She ignored me and went straight to where the beast is. She pushed him to the bed with one finger and right there and then , they began to make l*-ust.

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