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(Loveth got a car)






I have no reason to be scared on seeing them but I was sincerely uneasy and uncomfortable when I saw them.


I took my head back to John to see what is reaction would be but I only saw him smile instead.


James and the beast went elsewhere to sit ; John stood and went to greet them then came back to me.


“Don’t tell me you were scared on seeing them?”


“Well, I was a bit. But I’m cool now. I’m not under any man ,I’m free to move with whomever I wish”


“Good! Back to our discussion…” he said but I interrupted.


“I do not think I will be able to continue with our conversation. I’m so sorry, John. I need to leave ”


“Just because of my friends that came around?”


“Maybe ,I’m feeling really uncomfortable , please do understand me ” I said and slung my handbag to my wrist and stood while he escorted me out.




“Till when do you want to keep staying at the hotel?”


“Till I’m able to get a comfortable building ”


“I can get you one for free”


“Oh really?” I really do not have much money on me to acquire a house of my choice. I do not know if I should accept John’s offer or not.


I do not think he means any harm ,though. he’s just a simple man.


“Common! Don’t say No. I do not want anything in return. Just doing it for for the sake of Love”


“I never said I love you, John”



“I know. But I love you anyways. God loves everyone but not everyone love God and God still provides for everyone because of love. Do you now get the logic?”


I nodded and exhaled.


“Send me your account details and the house of your dream ,I’ll foot the bill” He smiled.


“I will” I walked away and took a cab back to my hotel.


On getting to my room. I slump to the bed and lunch into deep thoughts. Hope this three friends are not trying to play me cause I can’t Imagine how three friends will fall in love with me at the same time.


I have to be smart.


But I’m so glad that John will be acquiring a new house for me. I took my phone and browsed the internet to select the house of my dream. I sent him the l!nk to the house and my account details.




Three days later!


I had shut my phone for good three days. I do not want to receive any call from either the beast , John or James. I want to cool my head off but I know that wouldn’t last long so I switched it on.


It’s not being up to five minutes when James call entered. I picked it without deliberating.


“Hi, It’s James ”


“I know , good afternoon”


“I’ve being trying…”


“I switched it off for days ” I interrupted and he went mute for a while.


“Okay” He finally said and went silent


“I’m sorry for how I interrupted ”


He exhales “It’s alright. I have a gift for you , I do not know if you will like to check it out?”


I scoffed ” A gift?”




I alighted from a cab and I saw James waiting for me at the junction he told me to meet him.


He welcomed me with a slight hug and took me inside a company. On reading the description of the company , I found out that it’s a car selling company.


“Could it be what I’m thinking? ”


Oh yeah! He took me to where numerous new and exorbitant cars are and told me to select the one want.


I was nervous and happy.


“Jeez!” I already sighted my dream car from afar so I just went there and selected it


He paid afterwards and drove me to the hotel with the car.


“What’s your room number?”


“I do not really need a visitor?” I declined subtly.


“It’s alright by me. Can I have another hug and a peck?”


“Why not?” I did as he has requested.


I bade him bye while he kept his eyes fixed on me.


“Loveth” he called my name and I turned. I was still standing at a distance from him.


“I… Erm…bye ” He said.




I knew he wanted to tell me that he loves me. I just went with the flow and bade him “bye”


I was so happy

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