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He stepped down to me and stood before me. “Loveth!”


“I came to this place purposely because of you.” He said and I just kept starring at him.


“Aren’t you supposed to be in the beast house?” He asked and I kept starring at him without saying a word.


“Talk to me ”


“Why should I? Are you done cause as you can see ,I’m going somewhere ” I said.


“You do not have to be like this dear , Okay ,I’m really sorry for the way I acted the last time. I shouldn’t have collected my car back”


“You shouldn’t have collected your’ car , do you hear yourself? You gave a car to me as gift yet you calling it your car. No wonder you came to claim it back. Now that you have your car back , do I still owe you anything?”


“Loveth ,I Love you” He said softly while looking into my face with his green accentuated eye ball.


“James ,I do not love you and I can never Love you.” I said and looked away waiting for what else he is about to say.


He stood still like someone devastated. When I saw that he wouldn’t speak ,I turned from him and before I could walk away he grabbed me by my left wrist.




I stopped and turned to him, his face look soft and handsome as always but I loathed him so much for how he behaved the last time by collecting the car he claimed to have given him.


I wanted to snatch my hand from his but I can’t. There is something captivating around him that I can’t just resist.


He pulled me gently close to him and I just let myself yield o his seduction too.


“Loveth , I know what we men had done to you in the past few days might actually make you loathe us so much but there is a good part of men too. No one is ever perfect. If you are looking for a perfect man ,you might never find one. Trust me. ” He said and I just looked away .


“Loveth , If you choose me ,it will be the best decision you will ever make in life. I may not be perfect but I will let you experience all that you had always wish to.” He said and this time I looked into his face like an angry kid looking to the face of his father.


Just as he begin to draw his face close to me ; he knew he had had me under his control with his words. Someone’s word jerked us into full consciousness


“Turns out you are lying too” John said while standing at the edge of the stairs.



James turned to him and said ; “we both know we were lying”


He faced me and tried to pull me away but John spoke up again. ” I can see you now had her under your control”


“John, what did you want?” He asked almost getting angry as he looked to the face of John.


John stepped down and said ; ” Loveth , he had probably tried to convince you but as much as I love James,I do not want him for you. He walks away.


His words didn’t make any sense to me cause I believed he was only being jealous.


James and I took stroll around the hotel and began to have fun.


We returned back to our rooms and he plead that I come to his room.


We began to talk randomly and I was enjoying every bit of it. One special thing about James is that he is so handsome,though not as the beast, but his handsomeness comes with a special taste.


He came close to me in the middle of our fun and ask; “Can I kiss your so beautiful lips?”


“So beautiful? Are they so beautiful?” I asked.


“If they are ugly ,I won’t even think of kissing it with my handsome lips” He said and I blushed.




He brought his lips closer to mine and just as he was about to plant his lips on mine ,my phone buzzed.


I checked whom the caller is and it was the beast; that cheater.

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