Wed. May 29th, 2024

^Jame’s POV^




After I left John’s place ,I was glad that he must have given up on Loveth ,and the beast had obviously lost him.


Now , I can just have my way to her. I track her location and found out that she was in an hotel. I traced the hotel and booked a room directly opposite hers in a bit to have the time to have full conversation with her and hopefully have her for myself.


It came as the biggest surprise of the year when I heard my name being called by a familiar voice.


“John” I said as I turned.


“What have you come here to do?” I asked.


“For an official assignment , remember I explained the deal I had with bullion firm to you? We are finalizing the deal this week so I need to stay around” He said.




“Yeah ,what about you?” He asked.


“Just came to have fun over here , I heard they have the best swimming pool in town plus their food are delicious , I plan on spending just a day here though” I lied and he nodded.


“See you later bro” He said and twisted the knob as he entered his room.




I stood for a while and wondered if he had come for Loveth too or he is really saying the truth.


I knew him to be a very smart somebody. He must have find out where Loveth is.


Anyways ,let me watch and see how it goes.


John’s POV


I knew he’d lying. This is too much of a coincidence.


I need to get to Loveth this night though. After I had arranged my luggage.


I lay to the bed and slept.



I woke up few hours later and noticed it was around 10 PM.


I went to shower and wore my three quater jean trouser with my singlet.


I need to look se*y to Loveth.


I walked out of my room and stood at the entrance of her room. I was really nervous of planting a knock at the door.


While I was trying to summon courage to plant a knock at the door ,I heard the sound of a voice that says ; “Did one of the shareholders Lodge there ?”


I jerked back in fear and turned at James.


I smirked. ” Ha ha ha ” I laughed and thought of a very good lie to project to him.


“Can you imagine that the doors they are busy doing in hotel rooms this day is just so beautiful,just imagine ” I pointed at the door


“But you have the same door” He said .


” I didn’t even notice it ,I just love this particular one. See you later bro” I walked like I was going out of the hotel.


“Okay bro” He said and stood.


After I had laded out of his sight ,I peeped from a corner to watch his next line of action.


He entered his room and after few minutes ,he came out and looked left and right to confirm if no one was coming.

He hurriedly marched to Loveth’s room and was probably or about to plant a knock on it when I jug swiftly to where he is so he can know I caught him.


I stopped at my door and peeked at him at that same entrance.


“You must like how that door looks” I teased him and he smiled.


“Sincerely ,I had come and have a view of how beautiful the door really is” He said and stood probably or expecting me to leave.


He kept starring at the door while tracing his hand round it.




“Aren’t you going to your room?” He asked after realizing that I kept watching him without moving.


“Actually ,I just love that door. ” I said and went to the entrance and we both began to stare at it like fools.

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