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Men are really wicked. Why are they just bad in different areas. So the beast had being keeping affairs outside yet wanting me to come back to his house.


Why didn’t he just tell the lady he had being keeping outside to come and be his wife.


Men are horrible. I’m actually getting stranded now , I do not have much with me.


Nevertheless ,I went to Lodge in a nearby hotel thinking of what next to do.


I do not have any man that could foot my bills at the moment.


John and James must have known that I’m now with the beast.


I lay to the bed really confused.


My phone buzzed and I peeked to see whom the sender is. It was the beast.


I opened the message he had sent and it reads;


“I’m not cheating on you. I do not know that lady. Please trust me and come back home ”




I smirked and I just loathed him more for lying to me.


He thinks he could just tell me what to do? I should come back to his house ,for what?


How will a lady that he has nothing with know of his name and even have his personal digit.




John’s POV


James and I sat at the living room with the girls sitting opposite us.


“You did a good job ,she has parked away from his house” I said to the girl.



“Thanks” She replied and I wrote her a cheque of the agreed amount.


She received it and said ; ” Put a call across anytime ,I’m best a what I do.”


She walked away after which I darted my face to that of James who seems uncomfortable with the whole scenario.


“Are you alright?” I asked James.


“Sure , the girl really did a good job. So what’s the next step now ?” He asked.


“Our mission is accomplished. No one will have her. Case settled” I lied cause in my mind, I plan on finding every means to know where Loveth is so I could see if I could make it up with her.


“No problem then” James said.



John’s POV


About two days later ,I was able to find out the hotel that Loveth is lodging.


I knew better not to put a call across to her cause I know she may not pick up the call.


I drove straight to the hotel, my source had already disclosed the room she is lodging too to me and I had requested for them to spare a room that is right beside hers to me.


I walked to the receptionist and without much say ,I was given the key to the room that was beside hers.


I walked upstairs to where the room is.


I was about to enter when I saw someone familiar at the room opposite Loveth’s room trying to twist the knob to enter.




I peeked to see if the person trying to twist the knob was who I was guessing.


“James!” I called and he looked back.

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