Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

The Beast’s POV




I had just showered and was just planning on sleeping when my phone suddenly rang. It was a video call from an anonymous digit.


Why in the world is this digit calling me , though?


I picked it and I saw a lady that was half naked.


“Hi , the beast” She called my name and I was just stunned on seeing her.


Where did she even get my digit from plus how did she know my name?


“Did you like what you are seeing?” She asked.


“I’m sorry but I do not know you” I said.


“Can we meet.” She said.




“I have a parcel to deliver to you and it’s urgent. It’s a surprise from a friend” She said and I wondered what friend that I have that could have sent a pr0stitute to deliver a parcel to me.




“Where do we meet?” I asked.


“I can come over to your place to deliver it ” She said and I remembered that Loveth was in the house.


I think it’s actually better if she comes to my place. I would just receive the parcel from her and tell her to leave.


It will be dangerous going somewhere to met with this lady.


“Alright then. Do you know my house?” I asked and she smiled.


“Expect me in a jiffy” She said and the phone went off.


I sighed and put on a casual dress and went to the living room waiting for the visitors bell to ring as soon as she arrives.



About thirty minutes later , the bell rang and I went to open the door. It was the lady , she was just so s3xy. She was on a very short skirt that would make anyone almost see through her p@nties. Her tops were exposing her cle@vages


She walked towards me and began to seduce me.




“Where is the parcel?” I asked and she pointed her hand to her chest.


“I brought this for you” She referred to her body and locked her lips with mine.

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