Fri. May 10th, 2024

^The Beast’s POV^




Early in the morning ,I was so lazy to stand from the bed, I really had a sound sleep.


The door opened gently and I turned to see who it was. It was Loveth. She stood still with a teary face at the entrance of my room.


I stood from the bed hurriedly and went to meet her. “What is wrong?” I asked.


She played the video on her phone to me and it was a video of how the girl started seducing me till she almost centered my thing inside her thing.


How she recorded the clip remains a mystery to me. That would be the last thing that I would ever think of.


But why will anyone think of separating Loveth and I. How will I defend myself before her now that she had watched this.


“I was tempted Loveth” I said with a pleading voice.


“Did you say ‘tempted’ ” She said and smirked painfully.


“Men are so heartless. You changed from being wicked into a cheater. Being a cheater is worst. I said it; how in the world did the girl get your official digit and your house address ” She said and I just watched her.


“Loveth, please forgive me. I know there is nothing I say at the moment that will ever make any sense to you” I pleaded.




“What did you want to say that wants to make sense to me ?” She asked. “It hurts”


I knelt before her ,praying severely that she forgives me.


“I’m leaving this house so she can come and take her rightful place ” She said and was about walking out when I abruptly held her left wrist.


“Loveth , please trust me and forgive me ,please ?” I pleaded almost crying.


Tears poured form her face and she bite her lips softly.


She pulled her hand from me weakly and walked to her room.


I burrried my head on my palm and allowed tears flow from my eyes.



I stood up after a while and I saw her dragging her luggage outside.




“Loveth, please. One more chance ” I said not wanting to stand in her way.


She snubbed and walked away.

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