Wed. May 29th, 2024



James arrived few hours later and I stood and exchanged handshake with him.


I gestured for him to say and he sat. I did too.


“Welcome brother ”


“Thanks ” He replied.


“Would you like to take something first ?”


“Oh no! I’m fine ,let’s just go straight to the point ” He said and I nodded.


“We have to bring a lady into their midst and ensure the lady is forced to stay with the beast so he can continually seduce him or we just make an arrangement of the beast with the girl and the girl will seduce him till they make lust. We record them in a video tape and send it to Loveth.”


“Hum! ” James thought for a while. Did you think this has a repercussion?”


“Don’t tell me you scared. Common James. If we can’t have her ,he can’t have her too ,so cheer up and act like a man”


“Alright then ,what will be my own role.”




“I’ll tell you on the go , I’ll be sending the lady to the beast tomorrow. ”


“Alright ,then.” James said nervously. I wonder why he isn’t as courageous as I wish he was.


“See you later bro” He said and we exchanged a slight hug before he walked away.


I brought my laptop out and began to surf a p00rn website and I did find one.




I ordered and selected a lady. I was given her WhatsApp contact and we discussed extensively . I told her her role and without us seeing ,she promised to carry on with what I want tomorrow.


” Yeah! If I can’t have her ,then he can’t have her too” I smile to myself wickedly and hoping to hear a positive result from the girl.

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