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^The Beast^




I sat alone in my room bowing my head and wishing that a day would come when I will wake up and see Loveth by my side always.


The Love I have for her is genuine and cut across her actions of disrespect towards me. I really Love her.


If only she could tell me where she lives.


I picked my phone and put a call through to her.


“Hi Loveth ,how are you doing?”


“Stressed and you?”


“Missed you ” I said and she chuckled.


“Miss me ! Please don’t. We are not into anything yet” she replied.


“Can you please tell me where you live ?” I requested.


“No. ”




“But James and John knows where you live already ,why are you hiding it from me ?”


“Maybe you should ask them ”


Oops! That sounds disrespectful now.


“You know we are not on good terms. ”


“I’m not telling you where I live ,Mr. ”


“Oh! ”


She just referred to me as Mr. Not even by my name.



“I thought you said you have forgiven me ?”


“Yes , That I’ve forgiven you doesn’t necessary mean we must be close ,not even to the extent of knowing my place ” she said.


“But I really Love you and I’m getting weary. I keep showing you how much I love you but you kept chasing me away. ”


“I was with you for good two months and you made life hell of a living for me. Even if I forgive you ,do you think I forgot ?”


“You have not even being persuasive for two months and you saying you weary. You know what? Help yourself by checking out other ladies. I’m sure you will find beautiful ones than you” She added and those words hurt me that for another thirty seconds ,words were too heavy in my mouth to pronounce.


“I have some better things to do ” She hung up and I pulled the phone away from my ear slowly.


Oh my days.


This is just bad. So bad!


Why is she just this rude? Just because three men rare on her.




Oh no! I can’t take this anymore. I needed to do something to protect my self worth too.


Did you think Loveth us taking it too far with this men ?

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