Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

I was trying to resist her but her scent was very sweet and se*y. I love the way she locked her lips with mine. Her lips are soft and irresistible.




Fear of if Loveth sees the both of us in this state gripped my heart and and I took few steps back from the lady.


“Stop this ,please. ” I said but something deep in me wanted her to continue,I was trying to put the bulge appearing visibly in my trouser under control but I can’t help it.


She knew I was so charged and she smiled.


“I think you should leave. My wife is around ” I said to scare her hoping she takes a U -turn but what she did next surprised me.


She stripped herself up n@k*ed and both fear and nervousness gripped my heart. I felt like running to her and banging her so hard but I controlled myself.


This is not right. I do not know this lady neither do I know how she knew me this much.


She began to walk closer to me while I felt myself walking closer to her even though I didn’t take a step.


‘The beast !” she called my named softly and blew a gentle air into my ear.


She licked the shaft of my ear and it feels so good.


She traced my chest with her middle finger down to my navel.




She stopped and looked into my face. She pushed her head towards mine and locked her lips with mine again.


We both began to k!ss very passionately. She stopped all of a sudden and took few steps back.


She wiggle her @ss at me and winked.


She came closer to me and backed me.

She began to grind her @ss on my thing and it feels so good.


She ride and tweak on it for a while after which she used just a finger to push me to the chair.


I fell to the chair and she bent before me.


She unhooked my trouser and I just didn’t have the strength to tell her to stop.



She brought out my thing and swallowed it in her mouth. She began to it passionately while I m0an softly.


My fears were hitting me strongly but I can’t really help myself at this junction. I just hope that Loveth will not come into view till we are done.


I really hope this would not happen.


I was almost releasing when She bruptly stopped s.ck1ng. It was like she knew I was almost releasing.


This lady is really good at f0replay.




She then pulled off her G-st-R*ing and squatted on me.


She was trying to center my thing at the center of her thing when…

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