Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

John’s POV




I felt devastated immediately. D@mn it. I made the greatest mistake of my life. I really made a mistake by acting rashly to Loveth and just in few days ,they are back together.


I lowered my head sadly , I really love her and wish to have her as my wife. I only collected the house from her in a bit to teach her a lesson to always learn to respect men.


I forgot that there are two other of us willing to do anything to get her.


But….does that meant that James had lost this battle too? James is very handsome ,how come he couldn’t seduce her to date him?


Let me just put a call across to James to understand why he lost the battle too.


He picked my call almost immediately.


“Hi James ,how are you doing?”


“Horrible . Are you aware that Loveth and the beast are now back together ?” He said.


“Yeah , he told me few minutes ago ” I answered and I could hear him sigh.


“I really feel bad. I knew I acted wrongly but I really love that girl ” He lamented.




“What are we going to do now ?” I asked.


“Do…as how? I think it’s too late already. Seems they are finally back together ”


“No ,we could still do something about it ” I said.


“Oh really , what’s that?”


“If we can’t get her ,the beast shouldn’t have her too, we should all loose unless we are finally willing to give it up but none of us is actually willing to give up our love for Loveth. ” I said.


He was silent for a while probably trying to digest what I had just said.


“If I get you clearly ,you mean we should separate the two of them so that we will know that the three of us all lost her ” He said.





“Oh ,how do we do that then?” He asked.




“Good ,come over to my house ,let’s discuss ”


“Will be there in few hours time ” He replied.

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