Fri. May 10th, 2024

(Jams and John)




Loveth POV


I was a total mess , my body was literally stinking and I just continued packing without saying a word , then walked away.




I was inside the room hoping that the two months will just be over so I can be free from this terrible shell called marriage.


I heard a knock on my door and thinking it was the beast , I ran to the door to quickly open it but I only met his friend.


“Hi…can I come in?” He asked


I didn’t know what to say. I do not know if the beast is aware of his presence in my room or otherwise.


“Don’t worry about the beast,he’s out. I won’t take long , I promise ” He said and I opened the door wide for him to enter.


“Thanks ” He said standing.


“Please have your sit ” I said and he obliged.




“I’m sorry for your horrible life, I saw the way you were maltreated by the beast right before us , I can not but imagine how he had being behaving to you all this while….I’m really sorry about that ” He said


“Thanks Sir ”


“Have my complimentary card , things may get really tough , feel free to call me ” He said and handed over me his card and recieved my digit then walked out.


I kept the card in a place that Donald would not mistakenly see it and hope that things would not just get worst than this.


Few hours later , I went out of my room to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Then I saw James coming from the entrance of the door


“Hi Loveth” He greeted


“Hi sir” I replied



John was the one that came to meet me at my room and gave me his complimentary card while James is the beast second friend


My wicked husband prefers to be called ‘the beast’ even by his own friends. And true; he is a beast.


James walked towards me and handed over a package to me , I do not want to be rude , So I collected it and checked what was inside.


They were strawberries and chocolates , I almost jumped up in happiness but controlled my emotions. I was so happy but just smiled at him.




“It’s for you” He said, winked at me and left.


Oh! I’m glad that John and James seems to love me , I just didn’t know how many days they will be spending with us in this house.

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