Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

Story Written by FEATHERS


Loveth POV

I walked hand in hand with with the beast himself. We walked inside the church. I was dressed in bride white gown and he is dressed in suit.

Many people would have thought that I’m happy Or that the beast and I are actually on good terms. But no! We are not.

I had being forced into this marriage and the deal was two months. I so much loathe rich people. They have this power that made them oppress we poor so much.

A lot of wedding activities went on and on , we moved to the reception, I had to pretend like I was happy and danced and also take pictures.

We finally got home.

This will be my first day with this beast and I just can’t wait for the two months to be over.

I stood inside the room he had taken me to and start to pray in my heart that he would not demand for s-3x but how is that possible? I know he will surely do and I have no choice buy to allow him.

“Hey! Go and lay on that bed ” he commanded while he kept pulling off his clothes.

I gently obliged and went to lay.

I watched him came to where I lay with only boxer, the budge was visible.

It’s my horrible fate and I had accepted fate as it is.

“Why do you look so disgusting?” He asked and I just furrowed my brow.

Disgusting? Do I really look disgusting.


“You look moody , terrible , sad , ugly and hopeless…f*** you b***ch” He said and stood and walked out.


He banged the door angrily while I adjusted to sit.

I looked at myself from head to toe wondering what is disgusting in me but I am still kind of happy that he never had sèx with me.

I exhaled and just sat on the bed.

The door flings open again and it was him also.


“Stand up and follow me ” He said and I obliged.

He escorted me outside his house and at first , he looked at the sky firstly before turning to face me.

“My house is too exorbitant for a poor thing like you to sleep in, you sleep outside here with my dogs. ” He said and walked inside leaving me outside.

Oh my days! I didn’t know that it will be so brutal like this. I can’t even look at his face. So cruel…what sort of marriage is this one?

I squatted to the floor and leaned by the wall of the house outside , the cold was much and I was shivering. Tears start to stream from my face.

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