Wed. Feb 14th, 2024

I became homeless and without car. I had just little savings in my account and I loathed so much the men that had once claimed to love me yet stab me suddenly.




It simply implies they do not really love me. I need to do something real quick to help myself. Cause as soon as I exhaust my savings. I won’t even have any money to lodge in the hotel anymore.


I could have called the beast but our previous conversation didn’t go well. I knew I was rude to him.


I lay on the bed hoping that one of them would called but no one called.


Following day!


I woke up and checked my phone to see if I had a missed call from any of them but I didn’t.


I was so devastated and decided to call the beast.


I knew he still loves me so I will just take advantage of that. I really do not want to go back to being poor.


I put a call through to the beast and he picked it almost immediately.


“Hi Loveth” He greeted.


“Hi” I said and remained mute. I really do not know what to say.




“I’m sorry for how I spoke to you yesterday” I said and he sighed.


“It’s alright. My love for you is beyond your disrespect for me ” He said.


“Can we meet?” I asked him.


“Sure. I’ve always being willing to see you ” He said.


“Can I come to your house ?”


“Sure , please do. Are you coming today?”


“Yes ” I replied .



“I will be expecting you” He said and I hung up.


I exhaled happily. I’m happy the beast overlook my rudeness.




Now ,I know what he has for me is true love.


John and James would have simply made life hell of a living for me if I had allowed them date me.

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