Wed. May 29th, 2024

John’s POV


I bought her the house she had always wished she had and she still keeps playing with my heart.


When in the world will she realize that I truly love and want her for myself.


My patience is damn running out and work is calling at Australia already. James and I had being called to resume work in seven days time but none of us is ready to leave yet because of our love for Loveth.


I picked up my phone and put a call through to Loveth.


“Hi , Loveth.”


“Hi, John”


“Where are you?”


“Where am I? Is anything wrong?”


“Common, just answer my question” I said.




“Wait! You are really taking this thing too far. We aren’t in any relationship and you do not have any control over me. So please speak with me with respect ” She said and her words just infuriated me.


Who in the world did this lady even think she is? I bought her the house she’s currently living in and she just think she can talk anyhow to just just cause I love her.


“Okay , Mrs. Loveth, where are you, ma?”


“I do not know , do you have better thing to say?” She asked


Gosh! This girl is just getting proud day by day.


“I want to see you”


“For what? Plus I’m really busy at the moment to see anyone ” She answered.



“What in the world is wrong with you arrogant woman. Can you just see that you are speaking with a man and not your slave. Just cause I’m trying to be simple to you doesn’t imply I can’t be hard at the same time. Oh! I know the reason for your pride. Since three brothers are in love with you at the same time ” I paused my speech when I suddenly realized that my words might probably not even make her pick my calls again nor ever want to see me.


“Mr. John , oh! This is who you are. I’m glad you are revealing your colors already. Now listen and listen clear. Once I hung up , I’m blocking your digit. If you show up in my house , I promise to arrest you. Get off ” She hung up and I threw my phone away angrily.


What the h…


Wait! Did she just say her house?


Did she forget I bought the house for her.




Oh! I see now that she’s an ingrate. I’m collecting the house back from her. I’ll see where she will be sleeping now.


Very arrogant a girl.

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