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I was stunned and broken at the way he looked softly at me and cried. I blinked my face painfully and looked away.


I walked towards him and sat beside him , just then; my phone rang.


I picked up the phone as it rang. “Don’t tell me you left me stranded at the club?” Jams voice’s came through.


“I’m so sorry , James. But I can’t leave the beast to go home alone in his drunken state. He might harm himself. ” I said


He scoffed and kept silent for a while.


“I’ll call you later ” I said and hung up.


I directed my face back to the beast and his face had become sober, not like the drunken man at the club.


“Hi!” I greeted.


“I guess I was drunk and you…helped me here right?” He asked.


“Yes , I do. You cried fee seconds ago , are you aware?”




He looked to the left and turned back at me.” Might not fully remember that I cried but I know the reason why I had cried.” he said.


“Tell me ” I requested.


“I got drunk because I saw James and you come together like couple to the club. I had originally went to club to drink and let go of my worries that us choking me. ”


“What worries?”


“You. I can’t stop thinking about you and I regret every single day for how I had made life hell of a living for you in the two months you spent with me” He said regretfully.


“Hum! No wonder an adage says folks do not know the value of what they have until they loose it” I said.


“I’n a typical example. Please forgive me , I would never make that mistake again?”



I sighed , even if I tell him I forgive him , he might push it further to ask me to come back but I’m not really ready to live with anyone now.


“Wanna ask. Are you in a relationship already with James?”


I smiled and looked at him. “Not so soon. I’m not in a relationship with anyone as it stands now. He’s just a friend ” I said.


He exhaled and nodded. “But you won’t even go out with me?”


“You never requested for it” I answered.


“How about we go to the cinema together?” He asked enthusiastically.


I looked away for a while and thought.


“Hum! Not bad. ”


I could see smile form on his lips. “Thanks. Can we go tomorrow. ” He asked


“It’s cool, you can call me. But what time?”


“5PM. ”




“See you” I said , carried my bag and walked out.


Hum! I wonder what had made him soft this way ,he’s no longer the beast but a gentle man.

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