Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Jame’s POV


I drove to Loveth’s house with flowers. I didn’t bother telling her that I’m coming , I really want to surprise her.


Though I know she’s not the type that likes someone to someone her unannounced , I just needed to prove very romantic than The beats and John.


I pressed the horn of my car and waited for a while for her to show up.


Her head finally came through and I stepped down. I shot her a smile but she shot me a disgusting look instead like I’m some kind of sh!t.


“I’ve got a surprise for you” I said.


“I don’t care what surprise you’ve got James. If you can’t respect my order ,I’ll stop entertaining you” She said sternly.


“Common ,you need to check out what I’ve got for you” I said.


“I don’t care. I repeat ; whenever you want to come , surprise or no surprise, inform me ” She said.


“Okay , fine. Next time. Can I enter ?” I asked and she smirked.




“Enter? Oh no! I’m resting inside. ”


“Oh! So you are telling to get out “.


” If you say so ” She said and her word sparks up serious anger in me.


What in the world is this girl turning to just because three brothers are on her.


Did she forget what I had done for her , hope she knows I still have the right to collect my car back from her.


“Excuse me ” She said and closed the door on me.


Oh my days! I feel so much pain mixed with anger right now and I wish I had never spend a dime on her.


Okay , fine. I’ve got to let her know I’m valuable too. I’m not just any man any woman could speak trash to.


I’m collecting my car.



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