Thu. Feb 15th, 2024





I finally arrived at the beast’s house and he welcomed me gladly.


“I’m so happy to have you here ” He said and I smiled.


He gestured for me to sit and I obliged.


“I was so surprised you could call ”


“I have too. I knew I was wrong. How are you doing?”


“Erm…just missing you and always wishing for you to come back ” He said.


“Hum! I’ll stay with you for another two months , if it works out well , fine, we will talk about marriage but if it is close to hell like my last time here ,then we can bade ourselves goodbye ” I said and I could see his face brightened up.


“Is this a dream?” He asked almost chuckling. He was just so happy.


“I can’t believe you just said this. Like you would give me another chance?”


“Oh yeah! ”




He came towards me and sat beside me.


“Thanks so much. Now ,I’ll be able to correct all of my mistakes” He said and wanted to touch me but he didn’t know how to.


I looked into his face and he kept looking into my face also. I realized that he had not had the courage to touch me yet so I lowered my head.


I do not want to take things too fast also.


“When are you finally coming over?” He asked.


“I’m back” I said.


“Really? How about your luggage?” He asked.



“You could drive me to the hotel and let’s go get it together?” I said and he just kept smiling.


“Thanks so much Loveth” He said.


My phone buzzed and I checked the caller , it was John.


I hissed thinking of what else he wants. He collected his house already so what else did he want from me.


I clicked on the red button and put the phone somewhere but the phone kept buzzing.


“Why not pick up the call?” The beast suggested.


“It’s John. I’m not in the mood to pick his call” I said.


“Can I pick it?” He asked and I thought for a while then gave him a go ahead.


He picked the call and place it on loudspeaker for the two of us to listen.




“Hi Loveth ,I’m so sorry for the way I acted towards you. I was only frustrated by your consistent rudeness towards me. Can we meet please , I really have a surprise for you” John said through the phone.


“This is the beast speaking. She’s back in my house; Legally as my wife. I suggest you let this be the last time you disturb her with your calls ” The beast said and we both smiled at each other.

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