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I shook my head pathetically for him as he narrated his experience with his previous girlfriend to me.


“That is so horrible. I’m so sorry ” I sympathized with him.


“So this is what made you turn into a full beast?”


“Yes,I believed all ladies are like that ” He answered.


“You use the behaviour of a single lady to judge other ladies ”


“Not really ,I only decided to take revenge of what she did to me on any lady I come across. As a matter of fact ,I wasn’t planning on dating not to talk of marrying soon. It was Dad that insisted.


” Alright” I said.


“Do you now forgive me from the depth of your heart?”


“I’ve forgiven you since ” I said .


“Do you think we can come back together ?”




“I do not think so”


“Are you in love with someone else already?”


“No, The two months marriage was hell for me. I do not want to make any silly mistake of entering a long life commitment ”


“I understand. But I now love you and I’m ready to take good care of you. I need you to complete me ” He said softly.


I sat not even knowing to what to say.


He stood all of a sudden and sat beside me.


“Loveth ,look into my face ” He said and I faced him squarely.



We could see ourselves in our eyeballs and I watched as his pink lips moved.


“I love you”


“I wish you do too” He added and brought his face closer to mine.


I reasoned that it might not only lead to kiss but the kiss in itself may lead to something I did not want.


His presence is so tempting and he knew he’s having the effect he wants on me.




I stood suddenly. ” give me time ,please. I still need some space ”


I walked out.

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