Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

^The beast^




I’m finally loving what I had once despised and loathed so much.


I wish I could know where Loveth lives too. I could have gone there just as John and James are going. I know she may reject me but If I persist , she might give me audience someday.


I lowered my head sadly. Sad that I loosed my friends and sad that Loveth may not forgive me.


I need to just catch some fun at the bar sitting down there, thinking from morning till night might affect my health at the end of the day.


I took my car keys and drove straight to the bar.


On getting there. I saw many people sat drinking and having fun. I ordered for one too and began to drink while I watched the stripper strips.


The thought of Loveth kept interrupting into my heart. I was trying to focus but I couldn’t. So I kept on drinking.


I always almost getting tipsy when my face darted into some familiar people that entered.


I looked very well and I was stunned at what I saw. I rubbed my face again to know if I wasn’t seeing what is not cause I’m getting drunk already.


But no! I know what I’m seeing. This is James and Grace.




How come? Have they really gone deep in their relationship that they even came to club.


My head began to ache me especially when I began to assume that they might have being having intimacy with each other.


I immediately saw James as a betrayal and I felt like going to smash him. I loath him so much for coming to the club with my wife.


I felt like standing up to interrupt them but I do not want to act foolishly.




They both sat and began to converse ,giggling at interval while I just watched feeling extremely jealous.


I couldn’t take it at some point anymore so I just kept drinking till I lost absolute awareness of where I am or what I’m saying.

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