Fri. May 10th, 2024

^The beast^




Following Day!


I couldn’t just wait for five to clock.


James and John are really trying all their best to win Loveth’s heart.


I’m really not good at that but I will try my best to make her see that I had changed.


5PM finally clocks and I could feel butterflies flying in my belly. I was so glad and happy that finally , I would be seeing Loveth.


I had dressed already so I just picked my car keys and entered my car and drive straight to where Loveth and I had agreed to meet.


I saw her just entering the restaurant and I follows her behind.


Before she could sit ,

I said ” Hi”


She turned back in surprise and she smiled.


I helped her adjust her chair and made her sit gently. She blushed as she sat.




“We both mad for on time which implies that we are both punctual” I said and she just kept smiling.


“How was your day?” I asked.


“Fine , you looked handsome ” She said and I chuckled.


I ordered for food and we began to eat. I could feel her stealing glances on me at seldom but I do not really know why.


Her phone buzzed all of a sudden and she exhaled before picking it. I paused my food and guessing that it was probably James or John that had called her.


“Hello” I heard her say to the phone.


“Oh no! I can’t make it. I’m with the beast presently ”



“I said I can’t make it. ”


“Alright. ….I do not know. Whatever…John , you are so jealous and not like we are even into anything yet. Common! Bye ” I heard her say and hung up.


Oh! John had called again.


“John!” I muttered and she nodded looking at my face


“He had requested that we see by 6PM but that won’t be possible ” She said and I continued eating my food.


“I’m thinking… Erm…” I continued eating not knowing how to put exactly what I wanted to say.


“Maybe I should release you around few minutes to 6PM so you can meet up with him” I said.


“Why? Is it your business? If you are tired of being here with me , just tell so I can leave ” She said.


“Oh! Not like that. I just didn’t want problem with anyone of them ” I said.


“I will handle it. ” She said and soon, we were done eating.


I cleaned my mouth with hanky and called her name ” Loveth!”


She looked at me not expressing any emotions.


“I wish I had treasured you when you were with me. I knew I fvkced up bug time ” I said and she nodded.


“It’s alright. I’ll really being meaning to ask what made you change. You are this terrible person we all know , how do you suddenly change to a soft hearted person” Her question came as a surprise to me.


I wasn’t expecting it at that moment


“Hum! As much as I would like to narrate my past to past, I will prefer narrating it to you in a secluded place. ” I said.


“Which secluded place do you suggest , I really need to know?” She asked.


“Maybe my house…or you can just choose?”




“Your house is cool” She said and we both stood. I foot the bills and we both walked out of the restaurant to my house.

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