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Three year ago!


The beast’s POV


I ran to hug my Sophie. She’s my girlfriend and she had just arrived from Paris.


I had missed her so much. “I miss you baby”

“I miss you more ”


We both hugged each other tightly after which we disengaged.


I escorted her to my room straight. Right there and then , we began to k!ss and one thing led to the other. We are at the edge of having s#z when she good me to stop.


“Is anything wrong? You Do not known how much I had waited for you to come around. There are many ladies flying all around but I kept myself because of you ” I said feeling pissed.


“No baby ,I’m not just in the mood. I need to rest” She defended.


“This is not you baby. You even love this ting more than I do. Many times ,after you had come from travel, you use to request for it right there on the spot. Why then the sudden change. ?”


I asked angrily and stood.




“Joshua , calm down please. I had just arrived and I needed some rest. Please ” She said and I walked out angrily.


I was so ready to f*** and worst of it all , I had had many opportunities to f*** but I had kept myself from doing so cause I do for want do want to cheat to be her.


I went to sit angrily at the living room when my hike buzzed all of sudden. It was from a message from a stranger.


“I opened the message and it was series of picture. The pictures loaded and it was the nude pictures of my girlfriend. I saw her pictures with different men. F***** her.


Jeez! My body was shivering at that moment and my head began to ache me.


I close to phone for a second and wish immediately that this will be a dream and nothing else.


I pinched myself after a while and realized that it was reality.



Tears were pouring from my face as my heart keeps breaking into pieces.


I feel my whole world crumble right before me and I felt like dying.


We had being daring for almost three years and she always travel to Paris at seldom to have some fun with her family , I never knew that she had being going there to f***


But why? Am I not good enough?


I satisfied her to my satisfaction and why in the world would she cheat on me.


Should I confront her?

At least , I have the proof with me.


Let me see what lie she would conjure.


I walked back to my room where she sat and stood by the entrance.


” baby!” She called with a pathetic look while I just watched her.


“Why are you cheating on me? ”




“Sorry! I..erm…I do not know what you are talking about?”


“Of course you do! ” I said and threw my phone that was currently displaying the page where her nude pictures are.

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