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“Two months? I beg your pardon. ”


“A NO right?” He asked.


“Of course. I’d just left the shell of a very wicked man and you want to come and choke me here , is it because…”


He interrupted before I could complete my sentence. ” It’s not because I bought the house for you. It’s because I love you. I want to see you always stay around you always and be with you always ”


“Do I need to say it point blank that it won’t work out between us. Okay , Mr. John , It won’t work out between us. ” I said almost tempted to tell him to leave.


“It’s fine. Can I always come to check you?”


“Call me first before coming ” I replied and he stood.


“Sorry If I made you angry ” He said and left.


Few minutes later, my phone rang and just has I had thought , it was the beast.




“Loveth , Is John with you?” He said through the phone.


“Excuse me. Hey Mr. It’s high time you know that we are no longer married and you stop being concerned about me. I was with you for good two months and you did your worse for me , you treated me bad like I was nothing. What’s all this about asking who or what is with me?”


“I’m…I’m….sorry” He stammered.


“For yourself Mr. How may I help you?”


“Oops! Can you calm down and speak to me with respect , please?”


“Respect died after I left your house , I want to hang up”


“How are you doing?”



“Pleas , stop acting like you care. I may be forced to hang up”


“Can we at least see , even if it is once ”


“Why? We have nothing in common again”


“Please ” He pleaded softly and I was touched. I can’t imagine the beast begging me.




“I’ll think about it ” I replied and he hung up.


His image came running through my mind ; even though he’s handsome ,he’s cruel.

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