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I was surprised to see a drunk man muttering words and coming directly to where James and I sat.


I was pissed wondering what our business is with the drunk man only for me to find out that the drunk man is actually the beast.


What in the world is this? Why did he have to drink himself to stupor?


“Hey! You are wicked , you snatched my wife!” He said to James while James just watched him still sitting and shaking his head.


He knew no one would take him serious and that he’s only speaking like a drunk man.


But seriously , even in his drunk state , why would he refer to me as his wife. I hope it comes to his sense that I’m neither his wife nor am I going to…”


“Hey you , you refused to love me and come here…..hum! You came here with my friend… You have loved him already right?” He laughed


I start to feel uncomfortable at his words.


“I know you love him. You loathe me cause I’m evil. Hum! I’m evil indeed. ” He walked out sullenly like a drunk man while I exhaled in relax after he walked away.


“Don’t mind him , dear ” James said and poured another drink into the cup before me.




“Aren’t you guys friends anymore? ”


“We use to be , but everyone had gone their separate ways. ” He drank.


I nodded and drank too. “Won’t he hurt himself?” I kind of feel concern for the beast going like that in his drunken state.


I do not know how many more minutes minutes hours it will take for him to stop feeling drunk and before then , I do not want him to hurt himself.


“Just leave him. He’s matured enough to handle himself ” James wanted me to stop talking like I care for him.


Not like I care for the beast ,though. I just did not want him to hurt himself.


I stood all of a sudden and left James behind. I ran towards the direction that the beast passed away and I watched him leaning by his car.



I walked towards him gently and I heard him muttering a single word repeatedly.


“Loveth, loveth”


Why is he calling my name?


“Yes” I answered from behind him and he turned to face me and laugh.


.”I know you, you are…that girl that loathes me. I love you” He said and his head fell.

He staggered front and back a little and said again ” I love you”


I kept watching him.


He found where the drivers sit is in his car and he entered.


Oh my days! How in the world will he drive himself in his drunken state ?


He kick started the car and I hurriedly went to the drivers sit.


“Stop it, you can’t drive, you are drunk” I yelled and he kept smiling at me like a drunk man.


He turned off the car and I helped him step down.


I helped him sit at the car and entered the drivers sit.


I could have told James my actions but he’s not really on good terms presently with the beast.


I drove him to his house. I helped him step down the car as I hang his hand on my shoulder.


After I had made him sit on his chair , I turned to leave but decided to find out what originally made him drunk cause I had never seen him drunk before


“What made you drunk?” I asked and he just kept looking at me.




“Tell me , just say anything ” I said knowing fully well that he is drunk but hoping that whatever he says may give me a clue to the reason behind his drunken state.


Just as he opened his mouth to speak , tears steamed down his face.

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