Wed. May 29th, 2024

^ The beast ^




Following day!


James was the first to carry his luggage. “See you some other time brother ” He walked away while I watched.


Few minutes later , John dragged his travelling box and said. “Sad that we will have to path ways. But like you said. Our two months stay is over. See you bro” He walked away.


I sank to the chair and regretted telling them idiomatically that their time is up. They make this place fun and they have being good friends to me over the years.


I guess Loveth separated us or I say , our love for loveth separated us.


But aren’t they a betrayal? Do they start having feelings for my wife when she was with me or after she left.


Whatever the case id , Loveth must come over to the house and this time , I will treasure her , take good care of her and not let her cry for a single day.


I do not even know the house , yet John and James are already having in issues in her house.


Like she really told them her address and kept it from me.


Making me so sad.




I picked up my phone and put a call through to her. I was never expecting her to pick it because she has always being rude to me.


As much as I do not like a lady disrespecting me, I know I can’t avoid It with Loveth. She could have respected me so much more but I disrespected myself when I start to treat her like an animal instead of a wife that she is.


“Hello” I heard her soft voice from the other end and my heart beat slowly; like an employee speaking to his employer.


“Hi Loveth” I greeted and she went mute.


“How are you doing?” I asked.




“Oh! You do not care to ask how I’m faring too?” I teased her.



“I do not care ”


“That hurts. Erm… Have you forgiven me?”


“Since. What are you calling me for?”


“Erm…sorry…I….ok….please….” I was confused. I do not even know what to say.


I went mute for a while and tried to gather courage to continue the conversation.


“James and John left my house this morning”




“And erm… I do not know , but can you stop them from coming to your place?”


“My place? Oh! You knew already that they knew my place, well, that is my choice to make. ”


“Oops! Loveth, you know I love you more than they do right?”


“I do not know what you are talking about. They are more caring than you are a 100℅. They bought a car and house for me each. But you; you treated me like a dog. You wouldn’t let me eat my favorite snacks that you didn’t even buy for me. You slept with another woman right before me. You know what? You are so disgusting. I’m glad I left your abode. Sorry that I’ll be hanging up , the beast ” She said and hung up the call.


I dropped my phone to beside me sullenly and sadly.


This is torture right here. My heart is bleeding and I’m regretting every act of mine to her.


I didn’t become cruel to her just because I wanted too. My past made me to.






Three years back….

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