Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

(Two months ,please)






I moved into a new apartment, I stood at the compound of my house and before me was the house of my dream and the car I had always wanted to acquire.


James and John did this because of the love they had for me. Even the beast that called few days ago telling me he loves me has never done anything.


Well,I’m fine now. I can still manage being friends with them but I’m not ready to go into any relationship with anyone right now.


I was about to enter the house when I heard the horn of a car at the entrance of the house.


“Who could that be , though?”


No one knows me here. I walked to the gate and peeked and found a very beautiful car at the entrance.


I opened the small gate and stood expecting the person inside the car to step in


The person stepped down and it was John.






“Dear, how are you?”


“Fine…but…I wasn’t expecting you”


“I’m sorry. I bought the house for you so I can always come to check on you anytime I want”


“Do I have my privacy?”


“Of course you do, I’m doing all this cause of love…let me in , please?”


I sighed and looked away.


I opened the big gate for him and he drove in.





John and I sat at the living room.


“Do you like your house?”


“Yeah,it’s fine. All thanks to you”


“But who bought the car for you…I mean…sorry! Never mind ”


“It’s alright. What can I offer you?”


“I’m cool. Loveth, look inside my face. Do you think you will ever love me someday cause I’m dying everyday cause of my love for you”


“I can’t say. ”


“Do you know the beast is trying to get you back?”


“I know but that’s not going to work ”


He sighed


“Glad. He misused the opportunity already. I wanna make a request, please ”




“Go ahead”


“Please , let me live with you for two months and you can judge who I truly am in those two months”

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