Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

^ Loveth ^




James had being disturbing me for days that we should see but I didn’t see any reason for us to see cause I know what exactly he may wants to say.


When in the world will they come to terms with the fact that I’m not interested in any relationship now.


I lay on my bed happily and I heard my dog in the compound beginning to bark. I was forced to stand cause I know that something odd is making it bark.


I walked casually outside and saw someone at the compound and the dog before him. I hurriedly tried to process how he entered but it dawn on me that I had foolishly forgotten to close the door to the house.


“Hi loveth. ” He greeted and I just stood stunned for so may reasons.


“Are you astonished for seeing me?”


“Of course. How in the world did you get to know that I stay here?”


“I told one of my friends who is very good in computer science to simply track the location of your digit for me since you wouldn’t pick my calls”


“Oh! Don’t you think that is rude and that you are intruding on my privacy ”


“I didn’t mean any harm Loveth. More so , we are friends ”




I looked away for him to know that I’m angry.


“Common! ” He walked towards me and stood so close to me. His beautiful scents clouded me and his body was tempting that I had to adjust back and avoid eye contact with him.


“I have a believe that we are just made for each other ” He said softly in such a way that I felt touched.


I mistakenly looked at his face and it was handsome.


Gosh! This guy is tempting. Somebody save me?


“I love you so much , Loveth”


“I do not love you” I said in my mind ,my mouth opening but words weren’t coming out.





His beauty were not affording me the chance to tell him that I do not love him instead , his beauty is having so much effect on me that if he mistakenly tried to kiss me , I would retort immediately.


As if he knows what I was thinking. He used a finger to straightened my face towards his and moved his lips towards mine gently.

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