Tue. Feb 13th, 2024

‘Open the door please,’

‘I don’t want to see anybody,’

‘I’m not anybody. We always go through everything together, remember?’

He was silent for a while before opening the door. I got inside and he was crying. Seeing him crying broke my heart.

‘Don’t cry everything will be fine,’ I said rubbing him on the back while he sobbed.

‘Why did he come back?’

‘He came back for you,’

‘Why now?’ Where was he when my schoolmates embarrassed me just because I had a single mum?’

He asked and I could help myself as the tears I was fighting back got there way out. He was in pain. I had forgiven Martin but the Roy I know, is a hard type.

‘Will you forgive him?’

‘Mum, I can’t. He isn’t even my dad,’

‘You look alike,’

‘That isn’t a guarantee that he is my dad. Maybe he was always around you when you were pregnant and transferred his looks to me,’ he said and I couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Listen to him, maybe you will find a place to forgive him,’

‘Will he tell me the truth?’

‘Which truth?’

‘Mum, please. He didn’t leave us because of money,’

‘Okay, then promise you will listen and not be rude. He is still your father,’ I said and be nodded.

I carried him back downstairs and Martin had his head covered in his hands.

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