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Episode 5..

Matthew was about entering his car to drive out when a horn was heard on the gate, the gateman opened up and two cars drove in.

Veronica mother and best Friend came out with two huge guys which got Matthew scared seeing the look on their faces.

He slowly walked up to them with a sober look, “Mathew Mathew so you can do this to my daughter because of a small girl? Veronica mother said.

“Ma please I was on my way going there…….. “To do what? I gave you my only child in one peace seeing you were the only son of your parents too. I thought there will be strong bond apart from being husband and wife you two could be brothers and sisters. My daughter was already a working class lady, you didn’t met her poor seeking for help, but just because of a male child you reduce her to nothing. You called my grandchildren prostitutes Matthew? Chai God you are lucky that you are the father of those children because I would have so deal with you eh! Theresa shouted.

“Ma please I know I am wrong, I am very sorry, Mathew pleaded.

“Oh so you told him? Theresa asked the gateman who bowed his head saying nothing.

“Anyway I don’t care if this sudden sober look is because she gave birth to male child, the child you almost killed when you thought it was a girl. If I see you near my children Matthew you won’t live to tell the story, Theresa said and pushed him away to get inside.

“Ma please let’s talk about this, Matthew said wanting to hold her but the guys stood in front of him with a stern look stopping him and Theresa and Princess went into the house.

Minutes later they came out dragging bags out of the house which Matthew looked weak because the guys didn’t let him move a step.

“Come put this things in the car, Theresa shouted on the gateman which he quickly obeyed and they went in to bring the rest.

“This marriage is over, my daughter sweat is in this building but you can have it. Soon you will get the divorce papers so you’ll be a free man, don’t you dare come near my children! Theresa warned after packing her children things.

“Please ma it hasn’t come to this please I beg you. Just give me a chance to make things right, Matthew pleaded.

“Let’s go, Theresa said to the bouncers, they got into the car and drove off…………..

Prisca went to her mom place telling her everything that has happened after she left Debbie, “why didn’t you tell me this all this while? I was wondering how Debbie got the money to give to me but then you told me not to worry, why Prisca? Her mom asked.

“Mom I’m sorry, but I didn’t her for the money she did it willingly, Prisca said.

“No, its still wrong knowing the source of it even if she did it with a good mind. I don’t want you to be part of this, Her mom said.

“Mom I’m not trust me, I’ve tried my best to talk to Debbie but her eyes and ears are just closed to the truth. The money is there and she doesn’t want to leave it, I’m just scared for her seeing the way the woman warned her, Prisca said..

“Hey God! Are you sure you are safe in that house? Her mom asked.

“I didn’t do anything o and I know I won’t pay the price for what I didn’t commit, Prisca said.

“You think so? You being in a wrong and bad relationship or place can put you trouble whether you were part of it or not. Don’t tell me you’ve not been partaking in whatever she has been bringing to the house, Her mom said.

“Ah mommy, I am not dating this man and I never asked for those things o abeg, Prisca said.

“Then you have to start rejecting everything from her, can you do it? Her mom asked.

“Yes I will, in fact I was doing that already when it was getting out of hand. Mom there’s something you need to know, Debbie is pregnant for him, Prisca said and her mom mouth flew open………………

Theresa and Princess visited Veronica in the hospital but met the children sleeping.

“Where did you two go to? Veronica asked but each of them carried the sleeping children.

“We are taking them home. They haven’t had a good bath or slept in a comfortable place, Theresa said.

“Please can you help me get some clothes for them? My children has never been in such condition before, Veronica sadly said.

“Don’t worry, their bags are already at home, Princess said.

“Their bags? You two went there why? Veronica asked.

“So you expect me to leave my children things in that house so that evil girl will use it to harm them? I won’t accept it o, Theresa said.

“Its okay, but did you see him? Veronica asked.

“I saw the idiot and I warned him to stay clear from my children, in fact just rest I’ll be back, Theresa said.

“OK please tell the maid to take care of them for me, Veronica said.

“You worry too much, bye, Princess said and left with Theresa…………..

Evening was approaching and Prisca was helping her mom in the kitchen, “sister you are not going back today? Her junior brother asked.

“Are you now driving me out from the house? What if I decide to sleep here today? Prisca asked.

“no I am happy you won’t go back today that’s why, he said while she smiled drawing his nose.

Her junior sister rushed into the kitchen holding Prisca phone which was ringing, “thank you, Prisca said taking the phone which the call was already missed.

“Debbie right? Her mom asked seeing the way Prisca kept her face.

“No body else, she replied and the phone began to ring again.

“Just pick the call, maybe she’s just worried why you left since in the morning and you’re not back yet, her Mom said and she reluctantly picked up.

“Hello, Prisca said.

“Prisca where are you? Please come I’m dying, Debbie said with a faint voice.

“What! What happened to you? Hello! Debbie can you hear me? Prisca shouted hearing nothing which she looked at her mom scared…………….


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