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Episode 1.

Phone rings……

“Hello mom, Prisca picks up with a sleepy tone.

“Prisca it has happened again, her mom said making her sit up on bed.

“What has happened again? Prisca asked anxious.

“The landlord has locked I and your siblings outside. I don’t know what we have done to this people, her mom said.

“What exactly do they want na? what’s all this! What is going to happen now? Prisca asked.

“Don’t worry I’ll take the kids to your uncle place, we will survive this okay. How is school? Her mom asked.

“School is fine, I just got home few minutes ago. Please take care of yourself okay, we will get through this I promise you, Prisca said.

“I know we will that’s why I don’t worry too much about it. Just study well and make us proud okay, her mom said.

“I will mom, please greet everyone there for me. When I’m less busy I’ll breeze in there to see how you all are faring, Prisca said.

“You don’t have to, take care bye, Her mom said and dropped the call while Prisca let a deep breath out.

The door opened immediately and her room mate walked in, seeing the mood on her face Prisca rolled her eyes.

“What’s the problem and why this face? Prisca asked.

“Hummm you will not understand. My test is tomorrow, Debbie replied.

“Okay so what about it? Prisca asked.

“Girl that lecturer made it compulsory everyone must get his textbook if not you have failed already. Girl I don’t have 5k na, check me I dey empty, Debbie said and Prisca heaved.

“Have you tried talking with the course rep to help you out at least? Prisca asked and Debbie scoffed.

“You mean that one? Don’t even go there o. He is even worst than the lecturer, he will just tell you clear, pay the 5k and pass shikina, Debbie said.

“Then just go meet with the lecturer, explain to him that you’re cashless for now, if the money comes you will definitely get the book, Prisca said.

“See your mouth, if I tell you to rap your mouth the way you are doing to that man face you’ll just faint. Anyway I’ll go talk to him, but what’s up? You don’t look good why? Debbie asked.

“I just dropped my mom call now, the landlord has locked the house again, Prisca replied.

“Again? Haba! What exactly does he want from you because I don’t understand anymore, Debbie said.

“Seriously I can’t tell. You know he was my late dad best friend, he tried making some advances to my mom but she shunned him. Now he’s just bent on frustrating us, Prisca replied.

“Then your mom should just pack out na, Debbie said.

“That’s the problem. Where’s the money to get a new house? Its not our happiness to receive this insult from him but na money dey insult us pass, Prisca replied.

“Chai God! The way money dry eh me sef weak. My boyfriend no fit give me ordinary 5k Prisca, you can imagine that, Debbie said.

“I dey talk of better thing you dey tell me another thing. Abeg leave that guy he don try for you, just use this your open eye talk with the lecturer he fit by you small time make you get the textbook, Prisca said.

“Easier said than done, you see why sugar daddy good, I for no suffer like this o, Debbie said and Prisca hissed.

“Thats your business madam, Prisca replied……..


The next day Prisca surprised her mom with a visit, “You didn’t tell me you are coming down, her mom said.

“Yes because I know you will stop me. Where’s uncle? Prisca asked as she went into the house with her mother meeting her uncle who took them in.

She discussed for a while with him, “uncle I don’t know how to thank you, but I know in this life our path and that wicked man with his family shall cross again. And God won’t let us be in this frustrating situation anymore, Prisca said.

“My daughter its okay, your family can stay here till they get an apartment. I think your belongings should still be there since the place is locked and protected, when your mom gets an apartment she can go for them, her uncle said while Prisca watched tears rolled down from her mom cheeks.

“How can he be that heartless to lock us out side without clothes to wear my children just because he’s fortunate to own a house right? Prisca Mom said.

“Mom its okay, there is always a pay back time remember. I know that Karma is a bitch and it will meet up with him in a terrible way, Prisca said consoling her mom……………….

Before the test scheduled for that day, Debbie put on courage to go speak with the lecturer.

Everyone knows the lecturer is a stern looking man and the students were scared of him.

Debbie stood outside the door to his office scared to knock and she couldn’t turn back too. She was just there glued and staring at the door, immediately the door opened and the Lecturer came out looking at her.

Debbie went backwards scared, “who are you and what do you want? He asked.

“I.. I.. Am Deborah by name sir, she stammered with her heart beating fast and he smiled.

“Take your time and tell me what you want, he said shocking Debbie.

“Sorry sir I..i… Wanted pleading for a little time so I can get the money to buy the textbook. Its just that I’m cashless for now but I’ll definitely get the book I promise, Debbie said while he was just quiet looking at her.

“Deborah come in, he said going in while she sluggishly followed behind.

“Close the door and sit down, he said and she closed the door and slowly sat down facing him.

“What’s your reg no? He asked and she quickly gave it out.

“Here you can have it, I’ve paid for you, he said giving her a copy of the book.

“Seriously sir? Thank you so much, Debbie happily said.

“I don’t know why a beautiful girl like you should be scared of me, do I look terrible? He asked and she shook her head.

“Honestly sir you are so kind, Debbie said.

“I love that, and i hope I’ll get to see you always, he said.

“Sure sir any time, she replied.

“I’ll love to have your number then, he said stretching out his phone which she quickly got it………….


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