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Episode 3.


Debbie called up the lecturer informing him about the embarrassment his wife just gave to her, “you mean my wife embarrassed you and even wanted fighting with you? Matthew asked.


“So you think i am lying? She called out the whole streets and insulted and even cursed me badly, Debbie said.


‘I Apologize for that, I’ll talk to her when she gets back home, Matthew said.


“Please do because I won’t tolerate it next time, i only kept quiet because of you and the baby she’s carrying, Debbie said.


“Don’t worry I will take care of her. My darling I’m so sorry okay, what can I do to make you happy? Matthew asked.


“Show your wife her place that’s all, Debbie said and ended the call……….


Veronica retuned home and her 2 kids ran and met her as she stepped down from the car.


As usual she thought her girls wanted welcoming her but she noticed their mood wasn’t good at all.


“What’s the problem? She asked her first daughter.


“Daddy is so angry, what did you do to daddy? Her first daughter replied.


“Mommy I’m scared, her second daughter added.


“Don’t worry let’s go in, she said taking them in.


Reaching the sitting room she met with Matthew who gave her a angry stare.


“Go to your rooms, she told the children and they left immediately.


He stood up immediately and held her angrily, “who the hell told you to approach Debbie? Who gave you the right to meddle in my affairs? He shouted.


“I have the right as your wife! Oh she has told you huh? And you are shamelessly showing your anger even to your children, Veronica said.


“Which children? Are they my children? Mathew asked and she slapped him.


“I can tolerate the insults you’ve been giving to me but what I won’t tolerate is you taking it our children, my children! She shouted and he pushed her which she let a loud scream as she fell on the couch holding her waist.


“Next time you go near her again I’ll skin you alive, if you know what’s good for you, take your filthy self and your bastards out of my house. Your mates are giving their husband’s male children, here you are giving birth to prostitutes in the name of children rubbish! He shouted ignoring the cry of Veronica and the girls who ran down when they heard her scream.


“Go get the gate man for me Hurry, call him for me fast! Veronica shouted on her first daughter who immediately ran out to get him and she was taken to the hospital………………..


That night Debbie returned and met Prisca awake waiting for her, “I can’t believe you are angry with the truth when you suppose to swallow it and seek for change, Prisca said to her and Debbie smiled.


“The only truth here is you are jealous and ungrateful. When you’ve been enjoying the benefits of that man your mouth was shut and sealed, it was that same man who counted money and gave to me so your mother can get an apartment, did you talk? You can imagine that woman insulting me and all you could do was sight with her and make me look like the Judas. Prisca I never knew you are this ungrateful! Debbie shouted.


“Whatever money you gave to me, I never ask for it did I? You did it willingly but I never stopped telling you the truth. I won’t lie to you Debbie, what you are doing is wrong. Another woman home is on fire because of you that’s…………. “I am not selling fuel here to put any house on fire neither am i doing anything wrong here. I am only making use of the opportunity i have to enrich myself and be comfortable. When we were here struggling to find food to eat, my boyfriend will be giving me useless complains did you like it? Please its my life so let me be, besides I don’t want to marry him she should even thank me for that. Good night, Debbie said and fell on the bed to sleep while Prisca watched her surprise.


“Remember there is tomorrow o, don’t you dare get angry when you face the same thing. Just know that its Karma playing and I hope you’ll still be comfortable with it o, Prisca said.


“That karma will dodge me and come to you because i don’t believe in it, you that is singing it like song everyday you will see it waiting for you outside the door of your house. Rubbish! Debbie replied and made Prisca speechless…..



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