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Episode 47
Final episode
“To add to that, I also want to thank everyone one of you who came out to celebrate I and my friend despite the short notice.
And to my lovely husband to be, my mom and my dad…… Yes you just heard me say my Dad, my lovely bestie and her soon to be husband…. Everybody I love you all and may God richly and abundantly bless you, Debbie took the mic.
“Which dad? Someone in the crowd asked and Frederick smiled at that.
“I am, He came out holding Debbie.
“And I think I should introduce myself to you all but a better introduction will be done after Here. Years ago something happened between I and a beautiful girl somewhere which resulted to this angel celebrating today, though I wasn’t there and we haven’t seen for years, but somehow fate has reunited us again, Frederick said and the crowd clapped……………..
The night was a busy one for the two families as they gathered together at Manfred place who hosted them.
“Dad you almost gave me heartbreak over there seriously, Christian said.
“Yes I know I saw that in your look, he replied laughing.
“And I know this forgiveness and acceptance today covers everybody… like everyone here in this house, Prisca said.
And Manfred understood what that means, “of course why not, dear Rose that was a stunt I put up too to test you, but sha you were real to yourself and I’m sorry if I was too harsh, Manfred said.
“Its forgotten please don’t bring it up, Rose replied.
“So wait o all this things was going on and no one cared to inform us about it? But you know its not fair na, Sandra said.
“No ma its not like that, we didn’t want to add to issues, Prisca replied.
“What issues? That you were going through something and you hid it from us? Debbie asked.
“But they have reconciled it nau and everything is alright now, that is more important I think, Gideon came in.
“I know but at least they should have let us know, imagine if Sir Manfred had actually put a negative stunt there, we would have been more lost, Debbie said.
“But I didn’t, anyway I apologize on their behalf and I know it won’t happen again, Manfred said.
“Yea thats true, we are sorry okay, Christian added and Debbie nodded.
“So, yea I know its quite too early, but the wedding preparation will it be soon? because the way my body is burning eh you won’t understand, Frederick asked and they laughed.
“Its too soon please, Prisca said.
“No I don’t think so, my parents will be coming down ending of next month, so I think we have to start preparing so they’ll join in the celebration. What do you think? Gideon asked.
“Ending of next month isn’t bad for me, Rose replied.
“But its going to be a mass wedding, the two friends must be joined on that day too, who agrees with me? Christian brother asked.
“Yea that’s necessary, they will be joined on that date too, Frederick supported and Prisca looked at Christian.
“But we are not ready for this, she said.
“In terms of finances for it? Don’t worry the bill will be on me, Manfred replied.
“Us rather, because every budget we will do won’t be for one but for the two, we are going to do is as a family, Frederick added.
“Yes I agree with you, one family. Cheers to that! Gideon said raising the glass which everyone did too happily…………….
Gideon family was informed about it, and they took the responsibility of dressing both the bride and the groom traditionally and in church.
Prisca and Debbie couldn’t believe it when they found out their wears will be brought down from Canada.
“This isn’t happening right? Prisca asked as everyone volunteered to do something to make sure the day become a success…….
Few weeks later the D-day finally came.
The tradition was done in separate places as the two ladies were not from the same place but the whole community felt the impact of the wedding.
The church did a mass wedding, joining them with 2 others who wanted doing it on that date too.
The reception of Debbie and Prisca was then joined at the same place which Matthew took that responsibility to rent a big and open place beautifully decorated to welcome them in.
The wedding was a talk in town as different dignitaries attended courtesy of their different parents who pulled the crowd………
1 week later Debbie and Prisca were to write their final exams which was a success, while they were celebrating, their husband’s held a surprise for them.
“What’s this? They asked taking the envelope from their husbands.
“Its time to go for our honey moon nau, They replied.
“Oh that? No problem then, Debbie said.
“Won’t you guys open it at least to know where? Christian asked and they slowly opened it.
“Its a lie! This is a big lie! They shouted surprised.
“So now we are lying ba? Oh ye women of little faith, Gideon said with a frown.
“This can’t be true nau i mean how come? Prisca asked.
“Its not a must you all should know everything going on, just get your things prepared for we have a plane to catch up with, Gideon replied and they screamed hugging them tight…………
Frederick in appreciation gifted Sandra a house and opened a business for her.
But Sandra wanted only one wish, which is to visit her parents place.
Everyone accepted to go with her, but reaching there they found out she lost her dad 2years after she ran away from home.
Her aged mother was happy when she returned home, Sandra tried saying something but her mom told her to swallow it.
“My prayer has been answered and it gives me peace that you are alive and you’re back home safely, her aged mom said in tears as she saw Deborah.
“But you shouldn’t have run away, we are your parents and its expected of us to be angry but we wouldn’t have allowed you suffer alone with my grand child no matter what. Your father said you will come back and truly you have, oh my daughter! her aged mom continued and hugged them in tears…………………..
Families were united.
Mistakes were repented of and corrected.
Peace was restored and they lived happily after

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