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Episode 43.

“Sandra, I am not wicked and heartless as you think, whatever we shared those few months we knew ourselves I respected that though I heard rumours of you dating a small boy in the village which brought about the disagreement between us. I left some cash, my phone number since you didn’t have a phone then and my address whenever you will visit the city, Frederick said.

“And you gave all of that to my best friend? Sandra asked.

“Yes I did, I Can’t remember that her name, He replied and Sandra bended her head with her hand covering her face.

“Sorry to ask this, if you had known she was pregnant, would you have accepted or denied the pregnancy? Gideon asked.

“To be sincere, she would have aborted it. We were too young to have such responsibilities, Frederick replied and Debbie looked at him.

“Then what’s the point? Consider me dead if that’s the case, Debbie said.

“No dear don’t say that, Frederick said.

“What should I not say? Look at her? A very young woman bent in suffer and looks older than her age because of what you two did. Here you are saying you could have asked her to abort me huh? Debbie asked.

“Its not that simple. Do you know how old was your mom was then? Frederick asked.

“But she wasn’t too young to go through her legs right? Debbie asked.

“Deborah! Sandra shouted on her.

“Fine, so what do You want me to say? Welcome my lost and found father right? Debbie asked.

“Debbie I know we both messed up foolishly when we were young, but if God still blesses us with you I think he has a reason. Who knows why he brought us back together in a time like this? Please I know I hands up when your husband came in, I shouldn’t have done that but I didn’t understand the attraction that brought me to Yuh when i first I saw you. To me I felt it was love and getting married to you was the answer but I was so wrong, I didnt know I was talking to my own very blood and now I understand better. If you’ll give me this Chance to make up for the years we have been apart, I’ll so much appreciate it my daughter, Frederick said.

“Is it that simple to call me your daughter after knowing how dirty your daughter is? Debbie asked.

“I think its because you were raised by a single parent and I understand you my dear, now let’s see how its gonna be together though you are grown up now, Frederick said and Debbie scoffed.

“I don’t need that anymore, its too late for that, she said.

“Honey don’t say that. Yes I know its not easy and I don’t expect it to be that easy for you, but don’t push your father away, Gideon said.

“Are we not rushing this things? So you really believe this is your daughter with no doubts? Sandra asked.

“Its already clear and I see no reason to have any doubts. She’s my first and only daughter out of 3 males, isn’t that lovely? Frederick asked.

“To you it is lovely, Sandra said and left the room…………………

Prisca left the house to Christian place but he wasn’t at home. She called his line and after 3 rings he picked up.

“Dear where are you? I’m at your place, she said.

“To say your final goodbye? Don’t worry you can say it on phone, he replied.

“Please where are you? If you don’t mind I can meet you there, she said.

‘I’m coming over now, he said and dropped the call.

Minutes later he arrived and they sat quietly looking at themselves saying nothing to each other for a while.

“I shouldn’t have done that no matter what, I should have control my emotions and not display them the way I did there. I’m sorry, she finally broke the silence and he heaved.

“But its already done, you embarrassed us again, he said.

“I’m sorry, but will you blame me? Do you know how i do feel when my mom will call me up on phone that she is outside with my siblings hungry and covered with sweats with no clothes to change to? You won’t expect me to be happy right?

After my dad died, your father changed. We thought they were friends but it was like they were worst enemies. My parents properties were in his custody for months for no reason, but in all of this we didn’t pick a fight or say a word. It was just left in our heart hurting and tearing us apart each day filling us up with hatred, Prisca said and Christian stood up and sat beside her cleaning her tears.

‘im sorry, and I apologize for everything. How can I undo the hurt he has caused you and your family? I’ll do anything because I hate enmity, imagine if you were in the position to help or rescue me, with what you are telling me you could have left or abandoned me just because am the son of your enemy. Is this why we fell in love? Please Prisca let’s end this, Christian said holding her hand and she nodded and hugged him..

“If only he will accept us, she whispered.

“He has no choice, in fact he wont dare to say no, He said.

“I’m sorry too, she said and he smiled.

“That’s okay baby. Have you visited your friend this evening? He asked.

“Should we go? She asked.

“Sure if you want, we can do it now, he replied.

“Yea and its better we go together, they were kind of worried when they learnt about what happened earlier, Prisca said.

“Ohhhhhh, I’ll go change up then, christian said giving her a peck and left……………..

Reaching the hospital Frederick already left but promised to return tomorrow, “hey! they are back together again, Gideon announced when they got in.

“You don’t mean it, come give me a hug sis, Debbie said and they happily hugged themselves.

“Right man, I’m glad you two settled the differences, Gideon said shaking hands with Christian.

“Yea I think we are learning from you, Christian replied and they laughed.

“Where’s mom? Prisca asked.

“Erm she went out to get fresh air, Gideon replied but Prisca noticed the mood of Debbie.

“What went wrong when i left here? And don’t hide anything from me because i know yo well, Prisca said.

“I don’t see anything wrong here nah, Christian said.

“Erm a kind of show popped up today sha and i don’t know if your friend will love to share, Gideon replied.

“OK OK The man Fredrickson is my father, surprising right? Debbie asked.

“I don’t understand, which of the Frederick? Prisca asked.

“Erm how should i put it?? OK the Frederick who wanted marrying me, yes he is my father, Debbie replied and Prisca shook her head looking at Christian.

‘I don’t understand the headlines, its not clear. Break it down for us joor,how did it happen? Prisca asked.

“Honey can you help me with that please? Debbie said to Gideon.

“Ahh no problem. Mr and Mrs to be, here is the gist, Gideon said.

“Please don’t rush and put it in simple sentences, Christian interrupted.

“Noted, Gideon replied telling them how it happened…………..


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