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The next morning Anne woke up with pains all over her body,Deville laid peacefully beside her,she gently got out of the bed and went to her room.When she got there,she staggered to the bathroom and had a long hot bath,scalding her snow white skin with the hotness of the water.She lay in the tub for over thirty minutes,she came out wrapping a thick towel around herself,she wore a winter sweater and a pant as thick as the sweater, closing the window,turning the air con off and leaving the light on.She lay on the bed quietly and covered herself with the big blanket then she slept off.

Deville woke up not seeing Anne by his side,he stood up from the bed and checked his bathroom but she wasn’t there.He rushed to her room,she was lying peacefully on the bed,

“How can she sleep fine in this over heated room,” He cussed,opened the windows and turn on the air con.

“Anne! Anne!” He woke her up,taking away the blanket from her,she was sweating profusely and her temperature was high.

“Anne! Wake up Anne.” He ordered,she stirred,

“What?” She asked,he unzipped the sweater and saw her skin and it sent him furious.

“Anne what did you do to yourself?” He asked angrily while shaking her vigorously,

“Please allow me rest please,I’m tired.” She pleaded lazily.

“What have you done to yourself?” He asked,she zipped her sweater and looked at him,

“Deville, I’m tired and I need to rest,the hot water is gonna reduce the pain.” She said slowly but rudely,

“And you lock up yourself in a stuffy room to do what?” He asked her,she’s being rude here and it infuriated him,she turned to the other side of the bed and he left not before pulling the blanket from her.

“Millie isn’t breakfast served?” Deville asked angrily as he came to the dining room but nothing was there,

“Sorry sir,I’m almost through.” She called from the kitchen,he went to the living room and put on the TV.

“Sir,breakfast is served.” Millie said from the dining room, Deville went to the dining room and sat down while Millie served his breakfast.

“Go and call Anne down for breakfast.” He told Millie,she muttered something and grudgingly went upstairs to call Anne.Millie went into the room but Anne wasn’t there, so she rushed downstairs to inform Deville.

“Sir,your mistress isn’t in her room.” She told him,Deville stood up and glared at her.

“You mean what?” He asked her,

“Sir, I went to her room but she wasn’t there.” Millie explained to the already furiated Deville.

“Anne! Annabel! Anne!” He called as he rushed upstairs to crosscheck but she wasn’t there so he came back downstairs.

“Get me the security guard now.” He ordered her,she rushed outside and got Sandro.

“Did you see Anne leave the house?” He asked Sandro immediately they came inside the living room,

“Yes,I opened the gate for her.” Deville gave him a thunderous slap when he finished his statement,the poor man staggered and fell down and Millie gasped,

“How dare you? How dare you open the gate for her,who gave you the permission to do that?” He asked him in rage,

“She said she needs to get her painkiller from her house,that was why I opened the gate for her.” The gaurd explained to his angry boss,he left them without saying anything again,

“Alex! Get me the keys now.” He ordered as he came outside,Alex brought the car key and Deville grabbed it from him,opened the car,got into his car and drove off.

“This girl must have casted a spell on Sir Deville that made him go crazy for her.” Millie spat in disgust as her boss drove away.

Anne was still trying to go back to sleep after Deville left but sleep couldn’t come,she was still staring at the ceiling when her phone rang,she checked the caller,of was Mrs Federica, the elderly woman woman living next to her,she picked the call,

“Hello ma,how are you?” Anne greeted her,

“I am fine my daughter, Annie can you come home now?” The elderly woman told her,Anne thought for awhile before saying yes,

“But ma,is anything the problem?” She asked the woman cause she hasn’t been called for an urgent meeting like this before.

“No my child,there’s no problem.” She assured,

“Okay,I’m coming there now.” She hung up and got dressed.Deville was in the living room when she came down and Millie,in the kitchen.She waited for Millie to come out from the kitchen, then she went through the back door to the backyard, she walked by the flowers to avoid being seen,

“Ma’am where are you going to?” The security guard asked her as she came to the gate,she turned to him and faked a wry smile,

“Uhm,I’m going to my apartment, I must have left my painkiller there,so I’m going to get it.” She lied,the guard scrutinized her for awhile,

“You sure?” She smile,

“Yes,not like I’m gonna run away or something,your boss knows my apartment, he can come there if he wants to see me.” With this,he opened the gate for her and she left,got into a cab and drove home.

When she got to her house,she met Mrs Federica sitting in her porch,Frank was sitting next to her, she went toward them and greeted the elderly woman not paying any attention to Frank.

“My child,sit down.” She sat beside her,keeping the elderly woman between her and Frank.

“Ma,you sounded very urgent when you called,what’s the matter?” She asked me,Mrs Federica smiled,

“It’s nothing my child.”

“My child,I have known you for over a few years you came to live here.” Anne nodded

“You and Frank had come along way with each other in this relationship, I don’t know what must have triggered your grief with him but I have seen something in his eyes,” Anne looked at Frank and then to the woman next to her.

Something in his eyes?I mean cheating in his eyes,she said within herself and scoffed.

“This was the same thing I saw in my late husband’s eyes and that something kept us going till he passed away last year,I…”

“Ma,sorry for interrupting you,but can you be more specific, I have less time with me.” She interrupted the woman while Frank continued staring at her not saying anything.

“Okay, I don’t know what must have transpired between you and this young man here but I want you guys to settle that issue today and go back to what you were before.” She stood up,

“This guy here really loves you,hive him a chance to prove that,don’t let his mistake overtake his love.” She left before Anne could utter any word, leaving her with Frank.Anne stood up to leave but Frank held her hand,

“Frank let go of my hand,you’re hurting me.” But he didn’t leave her hand,rather his grip became tighter,

“Anne,please just listen to me,I’m so sorry for what happened the other day.” He pleaded, she choked tears,

“Frank let go,in don’t wanna talk about that night or any other,just leave me alone.” She said,she wriggled her hands free and turned to leave but he rushed in front of her,

“Anne,please don’t do this to me,I love you a lot,don’t leave me please,”

“You should have thought about that when you brought that slut to your house to f**k her.” She said with tears falling down from her eyes.Anne,you’re such an emotional freak.He placed his hand on her shoulder,

“Anne,please let’s go inside and settle,then we can talk about this peacefully.” He pleaded,

“We can just forget about this and start afresh,o promise I won’t give you any reason to complain,I swear.”She wiped the tears from her eyes,

” Frank stop!”she yelled at him,he was stunned.

“I don’t want any new start,I want to be on my own so let me go and forget I ever existed in your life.” She cried,

“Are you seeing someone else?” He asked her,she didn’t answer and it choked him,

“Anne,are you seeing another guy?” He asked again,she thought of Deville and his contract, she shook her head,

“So why are you being like this,why are you ending this relationship?” He raised her chin up again and saw the red marks on her neck,

“And why is there hickeys on your neck?” She swallowed hard,last night’s memories came up in her mind,

“I burnt myself accidentally.” She lied,he was unconvinced,

“And you didn’t come back home last night?” He asked again,she whimpered,

“I went to Naomi’s house.”

“Anne Pearl McKenzie! Tell me the truth now.” The thought of another man touching his Anne is driving him crazy.

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