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Episode 46.

A text popped up on Prisca phone “he doesn’t want to listen to me”.

Prisca heaved and gave the phone to Christian who read it also, “its okay don’t let that bother you, he whispered.

“Is anything wrong? Sandra noticed.

“No ma, they replied.

“Erm Sandra I was thinking, when will you and My daughter visit? Frederick asked.

“Visit to see what? Your house or your family? Sandra asked.

“To introduce you to my family of course and let them know I have a daughter, he replied.

“Can’t you first tell that your family that your daughter is in the hospital and they should visit her here? Sandra asked.

“Mommy, Debbie called out blinking at her indicating that there are visitors with them.

“Anyway we will talk about this some other time, Sandra said.

“Debbie dear I have to hurry home now, you know my son is still tender, Veronica said.

“Thank you so much ma, I appreciate, Debbie said.

“You’re welcome, they said taking their bags.

“Please ma how is your husband? Is he still mad at me? Debbie asked when they wanted leaving.

“No dear he’s not, he is even aware we are here and when he’s less busy he will come to see you, Veronica replied.

“Alright ma, thanks again bye, Debbie said and Gideon escorted them outside.

“So you expect me to follow you home to do what? Sandra asked facing Frederick.

“Is anything wrong with that? Or do you expect I am going to hide you two like am a baby? He asked.

“You are to tell your family about us and they are to visit your sick daughter here. So why wait for her to get healed first then you’ll take us to your executive family, for what? Sandra asked.

“OK fine, can I ask for the permission to bring them here? Frederick asked.

“Good and fine, Sandra said with a frown..

“Dear I’ll go now, I have a meeting to attend to. What should I get for you when I’ll be coming back? He asked Debbie.

“Anything, thank you, Debbie replied.

“You’re welcome, bye everyone, Frederick said.

“Bye sir, Prisca and Christian replied and Debbie looked at her mom.

“Is this how its going to be? Must you keep fighting him in every little thing he says? Debbie asked.

“Did I fight him? I just told him the truth, Sandra replied.

“To me he didn’t say anything bad, Debbie said.

“What do you know sef, Sandra said and hissed.

“Ma we will be going now, there’s something we need to attend to, Prisca said.

“So soon? Debbie asked.

“Yes, but we will be back probably in the evening, Prisca replied.

“Okay take care dear, Sandra said.

“Bye, they said and left and met Gideon coming on the way.

“Why is everyone leaving so soon? Gideon asked.

“We actually have something to do but we will back, Christian replied.

“Oh I see, I am about leaving too my self, thanks for visiting, Gideon said.

“Its nothing, see you in the evening man, Christian said……………..

“Mom where are you now? Prisca called up Rose.

“At home, she replied.

“We are heading there now, Prisca said.

“No problem, she replied and dropped the call.

They arrived there minutes later and met Rose in a moody state, “what happened ma? Christian asked and she told him everything.

“What is going to happen now? Are we going to separate for peace to reign? Prisca asked.

“That is not going to happen. I am a grown up man and he has no right whatever to dictate who I should love or not. We won’t beg him anymore, he should do his worst, Christian said.

“You just have to be careful in handling this case so it won’t look like you are disrespecting your dad. You need him and his consent in this relationship, Rose said.

“But he doesn’t care about my happiness then what’s the point? Please him to displease myself? Christian asked.

“Let us hope he will change his mind. I think I know his fear, he’s thinking that Prisca will behave same way i did to him, he’s just scared for you but if he sees the love between you two is genuine then he will have no choice, Rose said………………

4 days later, Debbie was discharged from the hospital and the next day was Prisca birthday.

The celebration was a joined one between the two friends.

The hall rented was packed full with friends and right there Christian proposed to Prisca.

“Isn’t it too quick? Prisca whispered surprised when he went on his knees.

“Say yes! Debbie shouted happily but saw Gideon going on his knees too,

“I didn’t know Christian will be this quick, actually I was eagerly planning to do this too. I know most of the people here is thinking we were married, but I want to declare to everyone here that it was all fake. I want to do it all over again, this time in the real and perfect way you wanted if you’ll give me the chance again to be my wife Deborah Frederick, Gideon said bringing out a ring as Debbie covered her mouth.

“Yes yes yes Yes Gideon! Debbie shouted.

“Yes what nau let me know what you are yesing for, Gideon said and she laughed.

“Oh my God, yes i will marry you, she replied.

“I can’t hear you please, Gideon said.

“Yes i will Marry you! Debbie and Prisca shouted at the same time.

“Did you just say yes? Christian asked.

“I want nothing more than that Christian Manfred, Prisca replied as clapping rented the air as the two lovers kissed.

Sandra and Rose stood silently shedding tears of joy seeing their daughters so happy, “I wish you can see this with me John, why did you have to leave us so soon, Rose said and burst out crying.

“It’s okay please don’t do this. If Prisca sees this now you’ll automatically ruin her happy mood, Sandra said hugging her and Rose sighted Manfred.

“Please excuse me, Rose said and approached him..

“Manfred you came? Rose asked.

“Yes I did, I just wanted to see how my son will disobey me, he replied.

“Please I am begging you, let the children be. They are two different people from us, Rose said and he looked at her.

“Were you crying? He asked and she cleaned her face.

“No, she replied and sniffed.

“You should know you can’t hide anything from me, He said and left Rose.

“Where are you going to? She asked afraid he wanted disrupting the party as he was approaching the stage.

Manfred went to Christian and tapped him on his shoulder, he turned and was surprised to see his father.

“How… I mean how come? Christian asked.

“That should not be the first thing you should say to your father, Manfred said.

“Dad please can we talk about this outside? Christian asked.

“Why not here? After all is it not this place you violated my instructions? Manfred asked.

“Dad please don’t do this, Christian said and he smiled.

“Attention everyone! Manfred shouted clapping his hands.

“Dad no what are you doing? Christian said trying to stop him.

“I am so happy and i sincerely want to thank everyone of you who honored the invitation to celebrate our daughters who is celebrating life today. Please clap for yourselves, Manfred said and people clapped.

“I know most of you might not know me, but I am the father of one of the potential husband to be soon, Christian. Its so good to see my son taking this bold step, I tell you marriage is one institution only the brave goes into. And I want to say a big congratulation to him and the love of his life Prisca my daughter. May your home be blessed and colourful, Manfred dropped smiling at them as everyone clapped.

“I know what you were thinking but i hope you are relaxed now. Every stunt I brought up in your relationship was to see if you will stand the test and I wanted to see if the love was real. I love you so much son, and i didn’t want to see you hurt. Prisca can you forgive me? Manfred asked as her lips was shaking already.

“Thank you so much sir, thank you! Prisca shouted hugging him and Christian followed.

“You don’t know how happy you’ve made me dad, I love you too, Christian said.

“I can’t do anything to hurt you knowing you were your mom favourite. Before she breathe her last, her last words were “please take care of Christian, don’t make him cry”. I wasn’t sure i will be able to do that, I had to send you over to your mom people knowing they will shower you with the love you need. She’ll be so proud of you wherever she is Now, Manfred said and Christian nodded trying to fight his tears.

“Can i ask you something dad? And I want you to be sincere with me, Christian said.

“Go on, Manfred replied.

“Did you for once love my mom knowing that you were compelled to marry her against your wish, Christian asked.

“At first i didn’t love your mom, but when we got married i held unto the teaching of my mom to respect her no matter what. She was a loving, submissive and understanding woman every man can ever have, and that made me never hurt her or disrespect her. But when she died, I realised i was a fool who refused to admit that i was already in love with her for the 13 years she stood by my side. For that reason i remain unmarried despite you all were still very small, I did that to honour and prove to her that i did love her for loving me even when i didn’t, Manfred said and hugged christian whose face was bathed with tears…………….


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